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Tatty’s puts its best foot forward with a staff-led campaign

Auckland designer second-hand store Tatty’s has launched a new campaign that puts its enthusiastic and personality-filled staff at front and centre.

Retail operations manager Ju Park says Tatty’s launched its latest campaign out of a desire to reach out to customers in an approachable way and promote its focus on customer service. The new campaign is a series of posters bearing professionally-shot images of select Tatty’s staff, together with a short Q&A about their style and preferences.

The retailer’s brand is all about being “approachable, affordable, fashionable” and Tatty’s 16 staff epitomise that, Park says.

“We wanted to showcase our own staff with an approachable look and their own taste,” Park says. “Everyone comes from all different backgrounds – some weren’t born in New Zealand but what they really care about is fashion, sustainable fashion and the environment.”

Park, general manager Maihi Parkinson and head creative Ryan Meta are the brains behind the campaign, which launched on March 31. Meta is also manager of Tatty’s Ponsonby.

Tatty’s allows staff to be themselves at work, Park says. Managing them comes down to understanding that everyone is different, but they can all “just be part of the family”.

Park says she hopes the campaign will allow Tatty’s to reach a wide variety of people.

Ryan Meta

Favourite Tatty’s value: Transparency – I really respect that our terms and conditions inform the consignor on the full process of selling with us and informs them of anything they need to know! Communication between us and our Customers are key!

Why do you work at Tatty’s? I work at Tatty’s because it’s the only place that sells high-quality designer clothing for a good price. The Tatty’s crew are also a family who respect/appreciate each other and Tatty’s is doing their part to keep New Zealand green.

Favourite designer: Kenzo.

Favourite Tattys purchase: I found these AMAZING black linen overalls at our High St store and I love them!

Something personal: I love the Tatty’s family. We are all a mixed bag of hard-working people who love working together.

Ju Hee Park

Favourite Tatty’s value: Creativity – The way we approach creativity is different to other brands as we don’t particularly target a certain ethnicity, age, group or style. As we showcase our clothing in our stores depending on the season of the clothing and not particularly by the trend, we offer a broader range of visual presentation with a touch of our own sprinkle of taste – Our most recent campaign is the perfect example of the way we showcase our own creativity. We wanted the campaign to be as creative but, also approachable for all age groups and ethnicity using our own staff currently working with us.

Why do you work at Tatty’s? I work at Tatty’s because the company is all about growth. I have professionally and personally, have become a better person and Tatty’s has contributed a big part in my life achieving goals I wanted to reach. 

Favourite designer: Celine and Totême.

Favourite Tatty’s purchase: Beige duffle cropped wool jacket – Petit Bateau.

Something personal: I miss my boyfriend and my cat L’amour.

AJ Muru

Favourite Tatty’s value: Care –  Personally I’m not a fan of mass-produced/fast fashion so it’s cool that Tatty’s is encouraging people to upcycle to reduce fashion waste. Tatty’s has created a simple, easy to understand system that benefits everyone including the environment.

Why do you work at Tatty’s? I love the fast pace that the Tatty’s crew work at! But more the FOREVER changing stock. Every day new items arrive and I LOVE being able to see all the cool things that we have to sell on behalf of our consignors. One day it’s in the next it’s SOLD!

Favourite designer: Hardest question ever! But currently obsessed with Virgil Abloh… This dude is pushing fashion boundaries and creating a new genre of fashion. It’s so interesting and I can’t wait to see what he does with Louis Vuitton! 

Favourite Tatty’s purchase: Oooooh, would have to be my Gentle Monster over-sized sunglasses. I wear them every day and they never fail to match whatever I am wearing. Plus I have never found this brand outside of Tatty’s.

Something personal: I love going to work each and everyday cause my work peeps @ Tatty’s are so chill and supportive. We all have an interest in each other and make sure we all get the best from each day.

Rose Treadwell

Favourite Tatty’s value? Care –  I’m a big believer in reusing and minimising waste, and Tatty’s is succeeding in reducing the mass-production of clothing through selling pre-loved clothes. We are also on our way to becoming bag-free! We currently have paper and corn-starch bags and are working towards beginning our bag-free campaign. Cleaner, greener future: Yeow!

Why do you work at Tatty’s? I work here so that I can make a difference to consumerism and mass-production. My overflowing wardrobe is also a perk.

Favourite designer: My favourite designers are Kiwis: Kowtow and Wixii. Beautiful, sustainable, and ethical, with simple lines and quality fabrics.

Favourite Tatty’s purchase: My white linen Wixii wrap dress from Tatty’s Ponsonby. 

Something personal: Love my tight Tatty’s crew. Have made the sweetest little gem friendships here, and appreciate each and every one of ’em.

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