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Express your brand’s individuality with Inzide Commercial’s modular flooring

The modular flooring offered by Inzide Commercial gives retailers the flexibility they need to offer a stylish and functional space that works for your business.rn

The modular flooring offered by Inzide Commercial gives retailers the flexibility they need to offer a stylish and functional space that works for your business.

The New Zealand-owned flooring company has branches in Auckland, Wellington, Cambridge and Christchurch. Top New Zealand retailers like Ziera, Max Fashions and Farmers have chosen Inzide’s Interface commercial carpet tile and Interface Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring for their ease of installation and removal; hard-wearing style and customisability.

Inzide Commercial managing director Steve Aschebrock is full of ideas for how resilient flooring can add to any retailer’s design aesthetic. His company offers dozens of different patterned or plain options for carpet tiles; and realistic-looking stone and woodgrain LVTs in textured or natural finishes.

Retailers don’t need to choose between carpet tiles or LVTs, either – you can have both. Inzide Commercial’s carpet tiles and LVT flooring sections are cut to the same thickness, so the different zones blend smoothly without creating a tripping hazard. This provides a zoning effect, and reinforces a visual aesthetic.

“There’s no reason why, in the display area, you can’t have a wood-look tile, and carpet by the counter,” says Aschebrock.

He says including some soft flooring such as carpet tiles in the mix has auditory benefits as well as visual.

“If everything’s a hard surface then you get a lot of reverberation and noise.”

Max Fashions has carpet tiles in its changing rooms, and wood-look LVT on the shopfloor. Specsavers has employed a similar design strategy, putting down carpet tiles in its eye-exam booths and LVTs in the showroom.

“It’s got that real clean, clinical look.”

All Inzide Commercial products have a 15-year warranty. Trendy looks like those favoured by retailers last three to four years, but classic looks can last the full 15 years without any need for updates.

However, Inzide Commercial recognises that retailers are in the business of trend-setting, and it’s sometimes necessary to lead with a fashion-forward look.

“Retailers want a point of difference,” says Aschebrock.

Modular flooring such as carpet tiles and LVTs are easily removable – not only as a whole, but tile by tile. This means that to install an exciting new fit-out, or restore leased retail spaces to their original condition before moving on, removing the tiles is as easy as lifting up each section by hand.

This ease of removal also gives retailers the flexibility to replace sections of carpet as they’re needed: “If somebody spills their takeaway coffee, it’s easy to fix.”

Chain restaurant Lone Star has had Inzide Commercial customise its carpet tile with its own branding. Many of New Zealand’s banks have customised carpet tile options in their branches, as well as The Coffee Club, AMI Insurance and Liquid Laundromat.

Farmers has opted for special carpeting in its womenswear section to convey a sense of luxury. The beige carpeting has enhanced sound-dampening qualities and is extra-thick.

“It’s very soft, subtle,” says Aschebrock. “It gives them a feeling of luxury when they’re shopping, it’s nice and quiet.”

Shoe retailer Ziera made an innovative decision with its flooring strategy, choosing a carpet tile which is light-coloured near the front of the store and graduates to a darker shade at rear. The theory behind this is that the eye-catching light shade by the door draws customers in, although Aschebrock notes that from a flooring perspective, darker shades are preferred near the doors.

Kiwibank and ASB bank use different-coloured carpet tiles for wayfinding and branding, with queuing areas and teller booths marked out in shaped carpet inserts. These branded, immersive environments are welcoming to customers, and add character to the environment.

“You can also bring art into the floor if it’s part of your brand experience,” says Aschebrock. “Te Puia visitor centre in Rotorua has a tukutuku pattern as part of its flooring.”

When Swedish fast fashion retailer H&M fitted out its first store at Auckland’s Sylvia Park shopping centre in 2016, it chose Inzide Commercial to do the work. Inzide account manager Michael Long says H&M selected a natural linoleum product called Marmoleum in a charcoal shade given its no-PVC eco policy.

Aschebrock says carpet tiles are also an environmentally-friendly choice. Much of the nylon in the product is reclaimed from old fishing nets discarded in developing countries such as the Philippines. They’re also recyclable.

Sustainability is critically important to Inzide Commercial, which joined the CarboNZero programme 10 years ago. It’s a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council, and is committed to achieving a zero carbon footprint in New Zealand by 2020. Its goal is to only distribute best-in-class interior products, and continuously reduce greenhouse gases within its distribution network. Even its fleet cars are Prius hybrids, and have been for 11 years.

Aschebrock believes sustainability can be a competitive advantage for all businesses. Inzide Commercial itself is benefiting from its investment in green initiatives, and its Interface commercial carpet tile and LVTs can offer retailers a design edge without compromising on green values.

In an industry that’s changing as fast as retail, investing in flooring that can change with your business is a sensible choice. Inzide Commercial’s carpet tiles and LVTs are able to be swapped, mixed or removed according to the retailer’s needs.

To find out more about your flooring for your store visit www.inzide.co.nz

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