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GoodFor opens a second store in Parnell

Popular bulk food retailer GoodFor, has branched out and taken its success out in east Auckland as it opens a new store and distribution centre in Parnell. The move comes less than a year after its launch.

Popular bulk food retailer GoodFor, has branched out and taken its success out in east Auckland as it opens a new store and distribution centre in Parnell. The move comes less than a year after its launch.

The GoodFor Wholefoods Refillery Ponsonby location opened in March 2017, and has seen 35,000 customers through its doors in just 11 months. The Refillery has a supermarket model of supplying food, but with the big difference of being completely plastic-packaging free. 

With over 400 options available and a new store set to open in Parnell, GoodFor has a dream of a society where the ‘packageless pantry’ is as common to a household kitchen as a fridge.

Co-founder, James Denton, says the success of the Ponsonby store was proof enough that there was a market for a second store.

“For us, things were crazy at the start,” says Denton. “People were really excited because it was a new concept, we had a lot of media attention that turned it into a tourist attraction. As people have started to understand our price point compared with like-to-like products, people have started to get used to the concept. Things now have really morphed into a local community with people that have relaxed into this way of shopping.”

This way of shopping is completely devoid of plastic packaging, with glass packing available in store for optimal bulk-food shopping. The store’s relaxed ethos allows consumers to slow down and really think about what they’re purchasing, according to Denton.

“If consumers are relaxed, they can read a little bit more about the ingredients and what they are buying. They can have a bit of a think about what they’re going to do with that item later. We find that the more people know about the products the more creative they are with them.”

Located on St George’s Street in Parnell, the new store also acts as GoodFor’s distribution centre, which has grown since the arrival of its online shopping option.

“We started offering plastic free deliveries online, and it got too big for the Ponsonby store. We also stock a lot of jars and bottles as well in our warehouse so we thought lets kind of get a place so we can pack all these things efficiently. We found a spot pretty close to the Parnell markets and we thought, cool let’s do a store here.”

The new Parnell site is a variation on the Ponsonby site with more space, higher ceilings and a large communal bench which allows customers to pop their things on and navigate the store in a more relaxed manner.

“We found people in the Ponsonby store would bring in a lot of glass packing and they really wouldn’t know what to do with them because they couldn’t put them down anywhere. This new store customers can come in, drop their items on the bench and just relax and cruise around the store – it gives them the opportunity to take their time a bit.”

The new store started from a Pledge Me campaign, which showed the company that they were indeed wanted within the space.

“We did a pledging campaign just to get us over the line with getting into the Parnell site. We asked for $20,000 and we got $22,000 so it was just an awesome marketing campaign that a lot of people got involved with. It was kind of like a vote and showed us that we were going in the right direction had that waiting loyal customer base.”

GoodFor is also teamed up with the charity “Trees for the future” and for every purchase made at GoodFor, GoodFor donates the means to plant a tree. With 35,000 trees planted in the first 11 months of trading, they are set to make serious impact over the next decade.

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