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Retailers nailing gender specific items

As the news of Doritos’ ‘Lady Chips’ hit the market we look at other items that cater to consumers’ constant demands for gender specific products. Warning: sarcasm ahead.

Have you ever thought ‘Gosh darn, I would love to use this product but its lack of gender specification shows it wouldn’t be a right fit in my gender-defined life?’ Well thankfully some companies have listened.

Below are a few favorite examples of humble brilliance companies have stumbled upon in their quest to target people via their gender.

Doritos ‘Lady Friendly’ chip

In a statement released by Pepsi Co, manufacturer of Doritos, the brand announced a ‘lady-friendly’ version of their classic chip that is quieter to eat. As women should remain seen and not heard while they shame-spiral into a whole bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos.

“They don’t like to crunch too loudly in public. And they don’t lick their fingers,” stated the company. The chips will also come in a smaller bag, “to fit in women’s handbags.” This iconic, frankly way overdue move, has women around the world hailing the chip manufacturer, for how else would they consume food in a respectful manner if not in dead silence? Watch out for possible new flavours such as Domestic Goddess Guacamole, Princess Picante and Cheerful Housewife Chipotle.

This low-crunch option comes with the only benefit of finally being able to hear the television while binge watching Kath and Kim in an old shirt surrounding by the crumbs of your silent shame eatings, all while remaining lady-like – thank you Doritos!

Bic Pen for her

Who could forget the monumental success and complete social acceptance of the Bic Pen for her. Stationery retailers quivered in their boots as women around the globe celebrated the news – there was now a smaller pen that would fit in our tiny delicate lady hands. Oh happy day!

Available in almost every self-respecting stationery store, the trend grew as women realised they no longer had to use pencils or twigs dipped in ink. The revolution had begun and Bic for her was their leader.

Bic Pens, although being in operation since 1945, now decided the world was ready for a pink and purple version of its standard pen. Tacking ‘for her’ on the end for good measure, as the colours weren’t’ enough to signify that this pen was indeed for ladies and their lady hands.

Kleenex for men

Until now, blowing your nose was considered ultra-feminine and socially unacceptable for men. But the creation of Kleenex for men meant they could stop using an old gasoline soaked rag to wipe their nose and bask in the softness of a real bloke’s tissue.

For years women have been ankle-deep in guys’ nose contents, as normal tissues couldn’t quite cut it. Now, the man tissues released in 2011 have changed the way men forcibly remove the contents of their face. The box comes in a hue of manly colours, from badass-blue, bro-black and radical-red, men can be assured no other man will doubt their masculinity with these tissues in tow. Available at all supermarkets. 

Pink tool kits for ladies

Let me just say what I we’re all thinking – finally!

Nothing says home improvement like a bright pink tool box so my lady-ness remains intact as I tighten the screws on a bookcase.

Before pink tool kits, women were required to call the nearest man to assist with any project. Now, thanks to retailer such as Bunnings and Mitre 10, Kiwi women can now fully embrace the DIY mindset. This smart move has opened a whole new world of opportunity in the home improvement sector for her. Ladies, grab that pink screwdriver and finally hang those picture frames, life is now your fuchsia oyster. 

Mammoth yogurt for ‘real-men’

Mammoth Supply Co changed the game with its chunky yogurt made for ‘real-men’. Real men had never even tasted yogurt before Mammoth came along with its new product. To make this clear, its label says, “This is men’s yoghurt and you are a man. Now find a spoon, fork or spade and dig in.” 

Spade in hand, men could now appreciate the full bounty of this retail gendered treasure. The company’s research apparently showed men stopped eating yoghurt after 30 because they saw it as being for their wives and girlfriends or as “diet” food which was not substantial enough. 

Now, thanks to the beauty of campaign marketing and design, men can now eat the same yogurt as their wives but just in different plastic. Just to make things even more masculine, men who buy this ‘real-man’ yogurt can go into the draw to win a BBQ. Hurrah. 


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Courtney Devereux is a Communication Consultant at Clear Hayes and freelance business writer.