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Kowtow to open in Wellington

Ethical clothing brand, Kowtow, has announced plans to open its first flagship store in Wellington this year. 

The flagship store was set to open late 2017, but due to construction is now expected to open early of this year.

Owner and founder Gosia Piatek says more than a bit of work has gone into the initial stages of getting the building ready.

“We’ve had a few issues with the building, the front wall has been removed, the side walk shut off, and now they’re rebuilding it. So, we’re looking at an opening, hopefully, early this year.”

Located opposite Moore Wilsons on Collage Street, the store comes on the larger scale at 200 square-metres.

Kowtow, just passing a decade in business, has built its reputation on sustainable, ethical and transparent practises.

Influenced by architecture, street style and interior design, Kowtow has a distinctive minimalist aesthetic that is easily recognisable in New Zealand fashion press. Each item sports a notable lack of embellishments and zips.

Piatek says the new store even includes recyclable bio-degradable bags, as to comply with their ethical image.

“The hardest part for our design team was how do you create a bag that still has that feeling of luxury. The bag doesn’t have a cord or handle because that makes it unrecyclable.”

The push back date off the opening meant Gosia and her team turned to their current space to offer customers a place to shop exclusively in their range.

 “In the mean time we’ve thought creatively and opened a store in our work room, so people can come and shop and get a sense of us and who actually makes the clothes. It is really cool”

Winter season will be available instore at the opening, including Kowtows new merino ware range.

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Courtney Devereux is a Communication Consultant at Clear Hayes and freelance business writer.