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Top Shop: Behind the Customer Experience Award

The 2017 Top Shop Awards hosted by Retail NZ saw many deserving retailers credited for their outstanding work. One such retailer was John Franich Jewellers, winner of the Customer Experience Award, Sponsored by NZI.

NZI’s National Manager – Schemes and Facilities, Paul Geden, says of John Franich Jewellers: “In the future, the industry leaders will be those who focus on delivering world class experiences, rather than simply selling products.

“This is even more critical in the retail space as the way we shop evolves, especially in the online world. How can retailers demonstrate that they appreciate their customers and differentiate themselves without the physical presence of a friendly face behind the counter? Getting this right will be the key to success for New Zealand retail in the future.

“At NZI, exceptional customer experience is at the core of our strategy and we know it is crucial to our future success. That’s why we sponsor the Top Shop Customer Experience Award and we are delighted that John Franich Jewellers is this year’s well-deserved recipient.”

Questions and answers with Jenni Franich, Director of John Franich Jewellers, winner of the Customer Experience Award Sponsored by NZI.

There is a large importance surrounding customer experience, why do you think creating an experience is important for a brick and mortar business?

The customer is the most essential and important ingredient of a business and should be treated as if their time spent in the store is going to be the best time of their day. That starts right from the welcome to the farewell.

As a buying decision has frequently been made before a person enters the store we see it as our role to elevate the experience, and give the customer a reason to return.

Do you think customer satisfaction leads to repeat business and loyalty towards your brand?

Absolutely. Through professionalism, trust in the product, sharing of up-to-date and correct information, reliability, and after-sales service.

What is it about John Franich that you think earned the customer experience award?

One of the core values of John Franich Jewellers to show we care is to “exceed customer expectations”. Our team continually works to improve this, and it’s an accolade to the commitment and loyalty of the John Franich Jewellers team.

How important is it for your brand to create a thriving customer experience across all levels of the business?

Consistency in everything we do is important – whether that’s customer engagement in person, by phone, email, social media or website. Knowing that other delighted customers have referred their friends and family to us is a great compliment.

What does the award mean for your business?

The award is a public acknowledgement that the philosophy behind our brand results in a good customer experience and shows that we intend to prosper and continue to thrive in the ‘new normal’ economy.

Does customer experience have the same importance through your online channels?

The experience is the same through all of our John Franich Jewellers touchpoints, as evidenced by positive feedback.

How does a sense of community help the business to understand its customers?

Understanding the culture of the local community is like a membership, it is a shared emotional connection we have with our customers and works through a word of mouth network.

Is there any advice you could give other retailers around creating a fantastic customer experience both instore and online?

Know and value your customer, and treat the customer with the respect deserved, as the customer is the essence of a business.

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