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Pumpkin Patch is reborn as an Australian company

Following its collapse over 2015 and 2016, Pumpkin patch was purchased by Australian ecommerce retailer Catch Group with plans to relaunch the brand online. Pumpkin Patch’s ecommerce store is now live in Australia and New Zealand.

Catch Group purchased Pumpkin Patch’s brand, including its customer database, product designs and trademarks, for an amount understood to be about AU$2 million ($2.17m) in March 2017. The business had been offered for sale as a going concern, but was liquidated after no serious expressions of interest were put forward.

The relaunched Pumpkin Patch offer is similar to its predecessor, with accessories, childrenswear and babywear for all genders sold. The range appears to be much smaller, however, and a tighter age range covered – only ages from newborn to eight are catered for.

Comments made in response to copious customer inquiries on its Facebook page indicate Pumpkin Patch is looking at expanding the size range in future. Judging by social media comments, it appears many customers have turned to Kmart, Postie and The Warehouse to fill the gap in Pumpkin Patch’s absence, becoming used to paying lower price points than those of Pumpkin Patch.


Catch Group chief executive Nati Harpaz cited a range of more upmarket competitors when he spoke with SmartCompany  this week.

“I think we’re competing against Seed, Country Road, and all those international players,” he said, also mentioning companies like H&M.

Harpaz told SmartCompany that bricks and mortar isn’t permanently off the table for Pumpkin Patch. Within two years, he said, there could be up to 10 flagship Pumpkin Patch stores across Australia and New Zealand as well as the ecommerce store.

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