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Poscom makes software easy

Finding the right software systems for a retail business can be time-consuming and expensive. Poscom delivers top market, up-to-date software and training to help retailers get the most out of their electronic systems.

Finding the right software systems for a retail business can be time-consuming and expensive. Poscom delivers top market, up-to-date software and training to help retailers get the most out of their electronic systems.

With over 200 years of combined experience and a client base of around 20,000, Poscom’s national focus allows it to analyse what retailers need and in turn, tailor its distribution model to fit all businesses’ software requirements.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) for software can be overlooked by retailers who are uneducated about other brands that are available to them. Dean White, speaking on behalf of Poscom, says retailers need to consider this cost over the long term.

“Often retailers can get better functionality for less money. If it’s a capital or an operational expenditure – what is the total cost over 2-7 years of running it, some software doesn’t need to be updated all the time. You can end up spending several times as much as you would have had you considered other options.”

“Poscom tries to offer the right product to its clients, with better efficiencies specific to the client’s industry. Many businesses determine their POS decision based on a monthly price, but they don’t always consider functionality or how that component will communicate with another.”

“Software should really be selected based on business ambition too – where the customer asks am I serious about this business? i.e. short-term or long-term. Knowing the answer to this will determine if cloud or an onsite installation would be best as the TCO will typically be quite different.”

“Long-term businesses should consider the advantages of an onsite or cloud-hosted system rather than a ‘software as a service’ (SAAS) cloud offering”

Many things can affect which software system will benefit a retailer the most. Poscom, which has branches around New Zealand, offers instore assessments to properly distinguish what would be best for your store, as well as supplying updates to technology that can help battle against fraud and hacking of an outdated system.

“One of the big questions we ask is how many products are they looking to sell,” White says. “Because we don’t want to crack a nut with a sledgehammer, so to speak. A much simpler system can often do the job for a merchant with around 300 products. Whereas bigger stores will typically require a bigger system and a lot more management around such systems.”

Poscom installs systems for its clients which can take anywhere from a day onwards depending on the scope and/or the functional requirements. Although Poscom can integrate with almost any pre-set software, White says there is more of an advantage when delivering a solution through one entire system rather than mixing two or more providers.

“Eftpos systems are good example of this” says White, “our broadest range of terminals is the Ingenico Fleet – where all but one model can integrate with most systems, and they are seamlessly and efficiently; without sacrificing on redundancy should the POS not work – the Eftpos can work independently.”

Poscom’s industry knowledge comes from being on the ground with the retailers it supplies. White says regular contact means the software provider can base what it stocks on market trends and what retailers are requesting.

“We’re not dedicated to any particular brand over time. So, we are frequently assessing the market and we are frequently being contacted by distributors to assess their product. Because we’re on the ground we’re always working with merchants and retailers to understand what their requirements are, and as those requirements move and shift, we’re very sensitive to it and we can tell our distributors to listen to that feedback.”

White says that not only does Poscom supply new software to retailers, it also offers training at location for updates as well as workshops for new staff and those looking to learn more about their systems.

“We realised that there isn’t anywhere in New Zealand where you can go to get training about POS, stock control, purchasing, loyalty and memberships, so it just makes sense.”

Using Poscom as a solutions provider allows retailers to gain the most knowledge and efficiency out of the software that is important to the functionality of their business.

To find out more about Poscom’s services visit: www.poscom.co.nz

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