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Cashflow isn’t just a key consideration for retailers – customers, too, must assess whether they have the resources to commit to a big purchase before swiping their card. Retailers can help them say “Yes”, and smooth out their own cashflow, by providing the right kind

Retailers, like other businesses, rely on many government processes to run their businesses. Ahead of the general election, NZ Retail and its website The Register asked our readers to share their opinion on a variety of key election issues. Sarah Dunn reports the results.

Em-Haley Walker is New Zealand singer/songwriter Theia. The Christchurch-born singer has already had several hits, with her most popular single Roam recently hitting 10 million plays on Spotify. With support from music licensing organisation OneMusic, Theia spoke to Courtney Devereux about the iceberg that is the

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That was what the Commerce Commission concluded when it looked into claims made by a solar panel systems retailer which suggested that installing a solar system would significantly increase property value; generate double-digit financial