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Every dimension of retail

Retailers of all sizes are looking to create impactful environments to give them a competitive edge. And with years of industry knowledge, a trusted supply chain, proven creative talent and solid customer relationships, RD is leading the charge when it comes to helping bring those retail environments to life. 

In an age of online commoditisation, the experience within a store is a crucial part of changing the way consumers feel about shopping, and how further trust and loyalty for a brand is created.

Retail environments are complex, encompassing everything from store layout, design, lighting, product placement, signage, kiosks and technology solutions. All of which can be used to enhance customer experience and, in this hyper-competitive retail era, where consumers are demanding more from retailers, they’re increasingly important.

Whether a retailer needs a full or partial environment created, Retail Dimension (now known as RD) can assist at any step of the process. With over 20 years’ experience, RD’s offer has grown from strength to strength, and now encompasses every dimension of retail. From innovative creative teams and experienced project managers, to extensive manufacturing capabilities, the team is dedicated to using their extensive industry knowledge to deliver the best to their impressive list of clientele across a vast industry remit.

‘Techtonic’ shifts

The RD view is that retail is, and will remain, one of the fastest changing parts of the economy. In part, that’s due to rising consumer expectations, but it’s also driven by the shift to the experiential economy and the increasingly important role technology plays in our lives.

Some of that technology has been quite disruptive for traditional retailers. But there are also plenty of benefits. Among RD’s offer, is the option for virtual reality during store construction. Kyle Pennell, director of RD, credits its ability to create a seamless process and minimise the cost of prototyping a store through their use of virtual reality, a process they’ve been using and developing for several years.

“We’re literally building stores for our customers that they can walk through to test spatial awareness, lighting, ambience; everything in a virtual way. It allows us the flexibility to change elements simultaneously whilst they’re in the VR – if they don’t like the flooring, we can swap it out for an alternative option. Whereas if you have a physical prototype, that could take weeks to change with higher cost implications.”

Rob Friend, director of RD, acknowledges that their trusted relationships with both customers and their supply chain have helped the company excel in the market place.

“We stay current through open and collaborative communication with our customers. We develop strategies by discussing shared learnings of experience and future insights. We’ve been in this business since 2008, and since then we’ve continued to evolve our offer. Our customers get to know us, get to trust us.”

Pennell agrees with Friend that RD’s success comes from understanding and accommodating customer suggestions, and then injecting their own professional knowledge.

“Choosing what is best really all starts with the customer brief and what we believe they need. We then thrive on resolving issues and tailoring a solution to meet their requirement. Every idea initially comes from the customer, our team then listen for the cues and develop, design, construct and install something extraordinary.”

Another one of the technology solutions RD has proactively introduced is augmented reality, a technology that enhances a physical real-world view with computer generated concepts, ultimately increasing customer engagement and interest of the brand.

All change

Change in retail can be difficult for owners to embrace, with uncertainty and market shifts forcing retailers to constantly evolve if they hope to survive. And that’s where the trained professionals with many sources of inspiration come in.

“Retailers who don’t evolve run a huge risk of falling off the radar,” says Pennell. “I believe that in the current market, consumers have the luxury of choice for how they engage with good retail; online, in-store or through pop-ups, temporary exhibitions, and brand activations. The platforms for engagement continue to develop and you’ve got to be both reactive and proactive to that new reality.”

New Zealand-born and based across Australasia, RD is globally aware and prides itself on looking at the best in the business from overseas so that it can bring on-trend strategies and the latest engaging technologies to our own retail sector.

“We’re very big on travelling to experience first-hand what is happening in retail in other markets, and bringing that knowledge to bear here for our customers. We know that trends that occur in the US and Europe can be quickly scaled and adopted down here.”

Looking around

He says New Zealand retail in some regards is ahead of that seen overseas.

“The presence of some retail spaces in New Zealand is miles ahead of their international counterparts. But there is still a lot of learning retailers can take and implement.”

Pennell says that working with a large base of clients and suppliers aids its ability to cater to any need at any point in the process.

“We are a solutions provider as a business. And what we’ve always focused on is helping our customers solve whatever issue it is that’s within our realm. Through our full-service offer from design, procurement, manufacture to installation, we have the skills and resources to create a truly powerful environment in all spaces, and we love how our business continues to evolve to meet the market demand. The future of retail is exciting!”

To find out more about retail environments, visit: www.retaildimension.co.nz

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Courtney Devereux is a Communication Consultant at Clear Hayes and freelance business writer.