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The Christmas creep starts early

True to fashion, retailers have already started rolling out Christmas decorations and themed items – despite it being early November. So, what is Christmas creep and how do retailers benefit from advertising items early to a last-minute society?

Kiwis are very relaxed when it comes to most things, that translates into public holidays and how much preparation time we put into major occasions, which isn’t a lot.

Yet despite our lack of motivation to get things sorted early, retailers are about 50 steps ahead. Planning Christmas sales months in advance and readying stores for Christmas as soon as the clock strikes October.

Overseas Christmas creep has been halted as more consumers demand Thanksgiving take centre stage for November. Yet in New Zealand there is no major holiday (unless you count Halloween which most don’t), that pushes attention away from Christmas. As soon as retailers start talking about Christmas, consumers start thinking too.

Christmas creep can be defined as the “phenomenon where the Christmas season starts earlier and earlier each year.” The creep is completely inexplorable, which tell us how futile it can feel to try and fight this creep.

Westfield has recently released its media alert titled, “8 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS.” 

The malls unabashed excitement announces its decorations to be live and seasonal on November 1. Santa will appear on November 19 and extended trading hours begin on December 14.  

The Warehouse has started selling Christmas trees and decorations a mere few feet away from Halloween candy.

Christmas songs have even started finding their way onto day time radio, with search results for the most popular already on the rise.

It begins.

It’s happening. Santa Claus, Christmas trees and all the lights are coming out to store floors near you. And it’s not just in stores. Hundreds of retailers are already offering holiday deals and steals to get your shopping started early. 

Although this creep may annoy consumers as they are reminded of their civic duty to spend money and prepare for the December season, it is something that consumers must accept from retailers each year.

Retailers are fighting against trends, demands, stock numbers and expectations to get ready for one of the most capitalised holidays, the job is hard enough without the added stress of timing. Retailers starting to spread Christmas joy makes the process easier for them and shoppers, no matter how much people may find November decorations obnoxious.

Christmas creep is a concept that will not go as long as there are overly-prepared people who celebrate the holiday. If you are one of the many that finds the earlier approach hard to deal with then a simple solution can be found by staying at home and ignoring all outside influences until December. 

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Courtney Devereux is a Communication Consultant at Clear Hayes and freelance business writer.