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Travis Scott x Ksubi streetwear collaboration

Celebrity collaborations continue to make waves as Australian streetwear label Ksubi announces its latest collection with rapper Travis Scott.

The highly-anticipated collaboration has used the hype around the drop to its advantage, announcing the collection a week before it launches.

Further to create a hype around the drop the collection is limited edition and holds only 10 pieces and will focus largely on Scott’s street aesthetic.

Travis Scott has a large influence over his fans which is communicated through what he wears and how he translates his own personal brand through street style.

Scott’s power as a cultural icon for youth will intermesh with Ksubi’s dedication towards individuality and authenticity.

The collection includes Ksubi’s signature flame designs and no lack of distressed denim, which according to Travis Scott for Vouge, “are a sign you’ve been through some shit, more so than a clean jean. Like I’m down to get dirty.”

Scott’s vision to “deconstruct some shit”, resulted in deconstructed pockets and what Scott calls, ‘Texas culture.”

Check out the whole collection of Travis Scott x Ksubi below. 

If you talk about streetwear with a streetwear aficionado, it doesn’t take long for the conversation to turn to “the culture” of streetwear. But this “culture,” whatever it is, is always discussed in the vaguest of terms, giving little hint to what it means in context.

Music and fashion are merely an embodiment of the ideology rather than the ideology itself, unlike in streetwear.

Streetwear might have a distinctive visual identity and have intimate ties to hip-hop, but that doesn’t make it a subculture because streetwear doesn’t stand for anything aside from brand and product.

Yet when a celebrity endorsement gets hyped up, those who may not always make an effort to buy streetwear will be more inclined to purchase the limited-edition collection solely based on those famous ties.

The Ksubi x Travis Scott collection launches on Thursday, October 12. No doubt it will be well received by both streetwear and Scott fans alike.

The Ksubi x Travis Scott collection is priced from $130 – $480 NZD and will be available in stores and online from the following retailers:

Barneys, Browns, Farfetch, General Pants Co, Kith, Ksubi, Ron Herman, Ssense, Superette, The Local by General Pants Co and The Webster.

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