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Habitual Fix breaks free of caged eggs

Habitual Fix has announced the decision to completely switch to using only free range eggs within its store, joining Foodstuffs recent commitment to the same plight.

Congratulated by animal welfare group SAFE, Habitual Fix have switched away from using cage and barn eggs in all their stores.

Retail giant Foodstuffs has recently made a similar commitment to focus on free range products as consumers become more socially conscious on what they’re eating.

Mandy Carter, SAFE campaigns director says the move to free-range is one that will go down well for all Kiwis.

“This very positive move which sends a clear message to egg producers that there is no market for cage cruelty.” 

“Each company that demands cage-free eggs is another voice being heard by the egg producers, telling them there is a bleak future for anyone that wastes money on installing cruel colony cages.” says Carter.

Habitual Fix founder, Tim Benest, confirmed the move today, commenting that “Habitual Fix eggs are free range across all of our sites. We are continuing to work on the rest of our products.”

Habitual Fix joins other companies, including Wendy’s, Pita Pit, McDonald’s, Burger King and supermarket giants Countdown and Foodstuffs who have either ended their use of cage eggs, or committed to a specific phase-out date.

The decision of these NZ food retailers will lead to a drop of around 50 percent of cage egg production.

By law, conventional battery cages must be removed by egg producers by 2022. However, the egg industry was set to replace these cages with equally cruel colony cages.

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