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Secret Shopper: Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is an Australian-based motivational speaker who goes by ‘The Mojo Master’. He’s on a personal mission to motivate people to transform and create the life they want, so that they can thrive and reach their full human potential.

What was the last purchase you were excited about, and why?

I was excited to buy a multi pack of Sharpie markers as I love drawing diagrams and pictures for coaching models. I think I may be a little crazy, but there is something exciting and fun about new, colourful Sharpies that does it for me.

Can you tell us about a retail experience you’ve had that was exciting or interesting?

I go to Bali frequently with clients and for holidays and there is a little place called Nadi’s Natural where they make organic teas, skin care, chocolate, essential oils etc. When you are there they give you foot rubs, hand massages, back scrubs, chocolate and teas to try. It’s a great experience.

What was your worst retail experience?

I recently bought a new microphone from an audio-visual retailer in Adelaide to use to record videos on my phone when I travel. After talking to them about what I wanted and what I needed it for they recommended a product that would work for me.

When I got home it didn’t fit my phone, so drove back there a few days later to return it and they told me they would need to special-order a newer product that would fit. After paying extra for the new product and extra to get it shipped within a few days to my house (as I was touring for five weeks and needed it before I left), it arrived the day after I left so I couldn’t use it for what I needed and it still didn’t fit my phone!

This is still being resolved.

Tell us about a purchase that’s solved a problem for you.  

I just bought a new pair of runners. I was highly impressed with the service as before I bought the shoes, they put me on a treadmill and had me run to check out my foot biomechanics before suggesting the right runners for my foot type as I had been getting painful calf muscles.

Can you think of any item or service that would be useful to you but doesn’t exist yet?

An energy power pack that allows a person to not need sleep. I do enjoy sleep but find I have so many exciting things to do, sometimes I would just like to stay awake for extended periods of time without crashing afterwards so I can get more done!

What’s an item that you’re planning on buying soon?

A new car as I sold my car and was planning to buy a new one. That was over three years ago.

What’s your favourite store? 

The Apple store. I get all excited and buy things I don’t really need but I love the Apple vibe and experience in their stores.

This story originally appeared in the June / July 750 issue of Retail NZ.

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