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Amazon AI bot goes hilariously wrong

In the never-ending saga of strange Amazon products and reviews, an Amazon AI bot that was created to design smartphone covers has gone slightly wrong.

According to Amazon the bot was meant to choose images based on popular Google searches, but in a suspected design flaw the site is now offering inappropriate, albeit hilarious, cover suggestions.

The bot, before being either shut down or fixed, created thousands of smartphone cases that no one would consider workplace, or anyplace, appropriate.

Some cases held photos of a graphic nature, such as lines of cocaine or a syringe full of heroin, while some were just confusing, like two chiselled men cutting a wedge of cheese.

Regardless if anyone actually bought these phone cases, sarcastically or not, here are the top ones that were available for purchase – ordered in level of workplace appropriateness.

The bot is a comforting reminder that even artificial intelligence from the world’s biggest shopping platform can still have its issues. 

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Courtney Devereux is a Communication Consultant at Clear Hayes and freelance business writer.