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Pureprofile and AA Smartfuel partner up

Consumer data and insights company Pureprofile has announced a partnership agreement with AA Smartfuel, a move designed to boost its consumer acquisition pathway and create opportunities for brands that are members of the programme.

The loyalty fuel reward programme’s cardholder base of 2.3 million New Zealanders will accelerate Pureprofile’s insight, media and customer acquisition in New Zealand, allowing the company to reach the majority of New Zealand consumers aged over 16 years.

The partnership follows the strategic alliance agreement in May last year, which enabled Pureprofile and AA Smartfuel to quickly launch and scale a large, nationally-representative consumer research panel that delivers quality data.

Now, by combining Pureprofile’s panel and consumer profiling technology with AA Smartfuel’s engagement with New Zealanders, the partnership will see Pureprofile rapidly scale its local programmatic media presence.

Pureprofile founder and chief executive officer Paul Chan says the partnership is key to Pureprofile’s local growth strategy.

“The AA Smartfuel agreement will rapidly boost our consumer acquisition pathway in New Zealand and create immediate opportunities for leading brands who are AA Smartfuel programme partners to access Pureprofile’s deep customer data and insights.”

Chan added it will use AA Smartfuel’s substantial customer base to develop a number of longer-term opportunities within the New Zealand market.

“Pureprofile is focused on creating value for consumers, so we are excited to partner with a company who shares this ethos.”

Pureprofile will apply its proprietary technology to AA Smartfuel cardholders to overlay rich interests, demographic and behavioural data. This partnership will enable AA Smartfuel programme partners to access the profiles through programmatic media – including video, display and social – in premium brand safe environments vetted by Pureprofile. It will also benefit cardholders by providing more targeted advertising that aligns directly with their interests and behaviours.

About the partnership, director of AA Smartfuel Ian Sutcliffe says: “Pureprofile’s technology and its ability to generate insights about consumers is extremely sophisticated while being sensitive to consumer privacy. We are excited to be a partner and help bring this offering to the New Zealand market.”

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