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New World partners with a dietician to promote bowel health

Joining the craze for all things health and wellness-related, New World has partnered up with registered dietitian Sarah Elliott from FoodSavvy.

The partnership comes with the aim to spread awareness of the importance that food plays in bowel health. It will run in Hutt Valley and Wairarapa stores during July.

Now there’s medical proof – and growing public awareness – that IBS can be exacerbated by foods that are high in FODMAP compounds (Fermentable, Oligo-Di-MonosaccharidesPolyols) people are starting to look at what they eat.

Elliott, who herself was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 21 years ago, says what we consume is a large part of the health of our bowels.

“A healthy diet can help prevent bowel cancer, which kills more than 100 Kiwis every month.”

“It can also help alleviate some of the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, which an estimated 15,000 Kiwis suffer from and which can lead to bowel cancer, as well as the far more common set of symptoms known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is thought to affect one in seven people.”

Doug Cochrane, general manager retail, Foodstuffs North Island, says bringing a registered dietitian into select stores ties in with New World’s commitment to providing a quality shopping experience.

“That commitment includes helping shoppers make healthy food choices, and having someone of Sarah’s calibre providing in-store advice in the same areas where the Bowel Screening Programme will begin was a way of showing our support for the programme and our care for our shoppers.”

The partnership has also coincided with the launch of its new brand offering, Fresh Collective by New World.

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