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Nutella spreads the love

In the best thing to bless our shores since sliced bread, Nutella the world’s most delectable spread, has completed its first pop-up free breakfast store in Auckland.

The pop-up store was in Auckland’s CBD, Aotea Square to be exact, and ran for two days 7-11 in the morning.

The store offered two free Nutella options for breakfast, either a bagel topped with banana, roasted hazelnuts and lashings the spread, or else a loaded Nutella toast with raspberries and toasted coconut chips. 

Nutella, the hazelnut spread made by Ferrero, sells 11 million jars annually. Experts caution the amount of sugar found in the spread, but its fans rightfully don’t care.

Last year addicts devoured a ­staggering 365,000 tonnes of the stuff in 160 countries. Nutella’s Facebook page has more than 26 million fans. 

The distinctive glass jar and plastic white lid instil the kind of brand loyalty that brands can only dream about.

The pop-up saw lines right across the square form for the few hours it was open.

According to Ferrero’s official site, there is at least one tweet about Nutella every two seconds.

Over six million pictures have been shared with #nutella, and over 0.6 million videos have been edited by fans. Nutella is the most consumed food recipe in the world.

With a good turnout for the pop-up this week, hopefully the brand are testing the market for something bigger – and hopefully permanent. 

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