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Making secure payments easy

Online shopping is a billion-dollar industry that is only getting bigger. To sell merchandise from your website, you need the ability to handle payment processing for your clients.

According to a 2016 report from Nielsen, there was 28 percent growth in New Zealand’s ecommerce market between 2012 and last year. Most retailers have now become adept at making online shopping payments easy for customers, but the back end of payments systems can be less user-friendly for those running the show. This is where specialist ecommerce gateway providers like Paystation can help.

A gateway providers’ main role is to authorise transactions online and allows a store to securely request payments from customers.

Michael Havell for Paystation says when you sign up with a gateway provider like Paystation, you’ll receive personalised and honest support from industry experts.

“Paystation like to take a consultative approach with businesses. We’re honest and upfront, and we’re passionate about helping business find the best solution for them.”

The benefits that result from going through a trusted organisation means your company can decide what works best for it.

In order to limit the risks from fraudulent transactions banks prefer a fully hosted gateway for online purchases. Whether you choose a ‘fully hosted’ gateway, which redirects your customers to the payment processor’s platform, or secure permission for ‘merchant-hosted’, which keeps customers on your site, you’ll need to secure a service provider that can integrate itself with whatever gateway you choose.

Having a secure provider in place allows your business to operate while limiting the fallout and profit-loss from fraudulent activity.

Paystation is an official payment gateway provider for ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank and Westpac in New Zealand. This means that they’re bank-approved to process payments between you and your customers.

Transparency and core values

Payment gateways allow for the customer’s credit account details to be secure instead of being sent online.

The software technology used by gateway providers allows you to keep close track of your sales with reports, as well as returns and voids. Gateway providers handling all your customers’ transactions makes it easy to run your business efficiently.

Payments need to be made in a safe and secure environment. This helps to establish a trust for consumers who feel safe making online payments, and core values are a good way to judge how seriously a provider takes your business. Havell says theirs in particular are shared with their parent company, Trade Me.

“The most well-known one, or infamous if you will, is ‘don’t be a dick’. But be entrepreneurial, be trusted and straight up are obvious ones that come to mind and fit nicely with how Paystation operates.”

Think of it like a virtual credit card machine which can securely save card details and process payments directly on your website.

History of industry knowledge

Secure payment gateway providers should come with background knowledge which they can apply to suit your company’s needs. Companies like Paystation will consult with you to identify your payment requirements.

Paystation, according to Havell, comes with knowledge that goes back a long time to the beginnings of the industry in New Zealand.

“As part of our service we make sure we work closely with a merchant, their bank, and their developer to ensure that a business can get up and running as soon as possible.”


All transactions are handled through the gateway and processed using sophisticated technology. This technology allows you to accept major credit cards, as well as take debit cards. Payment processes are completely secured and encrypted so that your customers are assured their information is safe.

Innovative payment gateway brands such as Paystation also include mobile-first options, the ability to add a surcharge and customised reports or pay on the go. Innovation is important and Paystation have built a range of products like ‘PayMe’ which gives the ability to create a payment link that can be sent to customers via email.

“At the end of the day we’re about helping business to get set up and take payments online,” says Havell.

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