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The Jones Family Business: 50 year mark for employee

Jones Services service manager Bruce James recently celebrated his 50th work anniversary with the family owned, Wellington-based company.

Jones Services service manager Bruce James recently celebrated his 50th work anniversary with the family owned, Wellington-based company.

Previously operating as Tharcold Appliance Services LTD, Jones Services Wellington falls under the banner of The Jones Family Business which also owns Kitchen Things and Applico.

Jones Services is the service arm of the business which delivers, installs and services appliances.

James started his journey with the company as an apprentice in 1967 when he was just 16 years old.

After a two-year apprenticeship, he became a service technician and carried out maintenance and repairs on domestic appliances until the end of the 1970’s, when he was promoted to service manager and started training new employees.

James explains that back when he started, most appliances originated from the UK. The appliances were basic and owners didn’t have high expectations of them. “There were very few dishwashers and rangehoods and no dryers at all,” he adds.

“As time went by, we started servicing more dishwashers, rangehoods and washing machines with electronic controls. In later years, we started working with new technology such as induction cooktops and steam ovens and things became more technical. We’re dealing with ten times as many spare parts as we did 50 years ago.”

Bruce James celebrating his 50-year work anniversary. 

With his career drawing to a close, James is working towards strengthening the business which includes working hand in hand with management to roll out The Jones Family Business’ new apprenticeship and service programme.

Over the past 50 years, the average age of a service technician has increased and there has been very little investment in apprentices.

This is all changing thanks to The Jones Family Business which is investing in adult apprenticeship schemes, a nationwide service network, new vans and uniforms and improved service technology.

The investment should help reignite the services trade as well as provide a full-service offering to customers which allow for their appliances, whether they be electric, induction or gas, to be serviced by a single service technician.

50 years is a long time in any industry and while things have changed, James is pleased to see a return to good old fashioned service values.

When the time is right, he will be able to retire with confidence, knowing that he has helped so many customers and will leave the business in a strong position. 

Mark Jones, Chairman of The Jones Family Business, congratulated Bruce James on his 50th work anniversary.

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