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Toms x Kathmandu one-for-one eyewear collaboration

Charitable brand Toms has paired up with Kathmandu in a new eyewear collection that aims to restore sight through Toms’ current one-for-one model.

Charitable brand Toms has paired up with Kathmandu in a new eyewear collection that aims to restore sight through Toms’ current one-for-one model. 

The eyewear collection designed by the two brands offers a robust yet chic looking design that fits in both with Toms’ fashion branding and Kathmandu’s adventurous audience.

Launched on February 15, the new collection is available in Kathmandu stores across New Zealand and online. The glasses come in seven different styles and fall around the NZD$120 price range.

Toms’ popular movement of one-for-one falls into this collaboration also, providing tools and medical treatments for one person with sight difficulties for every pair sold.

So, for every pair of sunglasses that are purchased, Toms will restore sight to a person in need through prescription glasses, medical treatment and/or sight-saving surgery.

John Elliot, managing director for Toms Australia, says that improving the lives of people through business is important for both of their companies and will show through the new collaboration.

“It’s an honor to partner with a brand like Kathmandu who shares the Toms values of improving people’s lives through business.”

The Kathmandu company has been involved with its community for a while. They aim to minimise the environmental impact of products by techniques such as reclaimed and upcycled cotton to providing solar lighting to Nepali people that lost their homes during the earthquakes in 2015.

The eyewear collection, Traveler, specialises its designs with Solaflex rubberized material that maintains durability for the travelling audience the companies usually target.

The New Collection (Prices are in AUD)

Ben Ryan, general manager of product for Kathmandu, says that the two companies align well together from goals to staff involvement and a shared excitement for the new collaboration.

“It was clear that we had the right partner when I heard how passionate and positive our staff were about the product and the chance to make a difference simply by choosing a product that is made with a purpose.”

Toms, founded in 2006, is worth over USD$625 million and since launching its eyewear campaign in 2011 has helped restore sight to over 440,000 individuals around the world.

The company works with a network of 14 ‘giving partners’ in 13 countries.

Made for adventurers, explorers and of course travellers, the collection of his and her Traveler Eyewear Collection styles feature a resilient rubber-finish design – perfect to live in a crowded glove box, at the bottom of a handbag and all for a good cause. 

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