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Shakedown Milk Bar brings colour to the commute

The term ‘bar-hop’ just got a lot sweeter with the arrival of Shakedown Milk Bar, a new addition to Auckland’s growing food obsession.

The term ‘bar-hop’ just got a lot sweeter with the arrival of Shakedown Milk Bar, a new addition to Auckland’s growing food obsession.

The bite-sized 16 square meter space is located inside Britomart Train Station on Commerce street and offers an awe-inspiring range of milk-themed goods to take with you on your daily commute.

The art-deco inspired nature of the space does an effective job of luring train passengers in from their daily commute. With black walls and ceilings the spaces feels significantly larger than just 16 square meters. 

Opened in early March, the milk bar has already seen impressive numbers, according to the owner, Nick McCaw.

“[The bar] has had an excellent response. Our customers seem to love it. Each day we’re serving around 400 customers.”

From the wonderful people who bought us 1885, Mexico and Britomart Country Club, Mouthful Restaurant Group adds another flavor to their repertoire with the new addition.

The new store add’s to the average, kiwis are spending $13.67 a week on just coffee from coffee shops which adds up to just over $710 a year. I would happily spend $710 a year on good coffee. 

McCaw says that the bar stemmed from the need to provide commuters with “high quality, consistent coffee, and treats.”

Providing ‘next level’ treats, Shakedown offers train commuters with an array of options. With milkshakes, Freakshakes, coffee milkshakes, cookies and Allpress coffee the milk bar isn’t short of options to bring the boys henceforth into the yard.

The bar is a very much permanent structure, according to McCaw, who says that the new obsession with over the top ‘instagramable’ food comes from the simplistic joy of eating.

“People just like having fun. And seeing as we spend a lot of time eating we might as well have fun doing it.”

Hoping on the Freakshake bandwagon, the Shakedown Freakshake features a soft-serve cone on a chocolate shake and soft serve base and covered in more sprinkles than you could possibly count.

“The milkshakes are superb,” Says McCaw. “The range of cookies are intensely good, especially the Black Forest.”

Backing the community in a very Auckland way, the bar is running a “community coffee” pay-it-forward system. Each $3 community coffee aims to help someone out. Because everyone knows the best way to get an Aucklander to donate to something is through coffee.

A small burst of colour in the Britomart scene, Shakedown Milk Bar is a welcome addition to the growing foodsphere that is Aucklands Central Business District.

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