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Easter indulgence reaches a new height for Kiwis

As Easter approaches it can be a stressful time for people who aren’t lovers of chocolate, and yes they exist. So this Easter the retail sector has started eggsperimenting with options available for everyone.

As Easter approaches it can be a stressful time for people who aren’t lovers of chocolate, and yes they exist. So this Easter the retail sector has started eggsperimenting with options available for everyone. 

The overall extravagance of Easter has its drawbacks. By the time Easter weekend is over, Kiwis will have devoured approximately 40 million chocolate eggs.

About 120 million chocolate bars are sold in New Zealand every year; 60 million of these are made by Cadbury. But as Easter rolls around the chocolate obsession grows.

As of the middle of March this year, Kiwis have already bought five million Easter eggs from Countdown alone. That’s more than one each. In fact, that’s about 1.13 each.

Shortly after Christmas trading finished, it seemed Easter eggs were on the shelves. Countdown says it expects to sell more than 11 million hot cross buns this Easter.

It also expects to sell around half a million loose chocolate eggs in the lead up to the public holiday.

But Canterbury District Health Board public health nutritionist Bronwen King said the availability of big eggs was exploiting the Easter tradition.

“It’s a bastardisation of Easter,” she said. “Companies are looking to cash in on an opportunity to push their products.”

King was particularly critical of the sale of 1kg Easter eggs, which have 60 teaspoons of fat and 146 teaspoons of sugar.

1kg Chocolate Egg. Photo Credit: Chocolate Lover Official Facebook

Despite growing health concerns and people becoming more aware of their diets, Easter still seems to be that time of year when people let loose.

The top five Easter products in New Zealand last year were:

1. The Cadbury Creme Egg.

2. Cadbury large foiled marshmallow egg singles.

3. Cadbury six-pack marshmallow eggs.

4. Cadbury large egg and Buttons casket.

5. The Cadbury Great Bunny.

These numbers are expected to change as Cadbury’s closure of its Dunedin factory is still earning the company backlash and calls for boycotts this Easter

However, not all Kiwis are chocolate lovers.

As the adage goes, there are two kinds of people in this world – those who love chocolate, and those who are wrong. But let there be no doubt, we’re a nation of chocoholics. In fact, research suggests that chocolate is the go-to treat of choice for 49 percent of Kiwis.

Out of surveyed brands Whittaker’s has come out as the people’s choice of chocolate purchase this year.  

According to statistics provided by Fonterra, a third of adults in New Zealand have a sensitivity to lactose and other dairy products. Understandably, Easter wouldn’t usually be a monumental holiday for that one person.

But as the the want for chocolate overload diminishes companies are using this time to experiment for Easter trading. 

A UK company called Hotel Chocolate has released in time for Easter a 70 percent dark chocolate red wine selector egg. Chocolate over 70 percent holds no dairy.

The egg is described as rich and spicy oak-aged red wine with a freshness in the mouth and a long finish in truffle harmony with 70 percent dark chocolate. 

Not a red wine fan? The perhaps try the dark chocolate cocoa-infused beer truffles. The description is simply “Yes, it really works.”

For those who can handle dairy but just aren’t a massive fan of chocolate, don’t worry, there are plenty of options available for you this holiday period.

Recently a company named So Wrong it’s Nom went viral after the release of an Easter egg made solely out of cheese

So Wrong it’s Nom Cheese Egg. Photo Credit: Company Twitter

It’s the result of a collaboration with independent artisan cheese company Wildes Cheese, and the recipe is based on their Napier cheese, which was crowned London’s favourite cheese in 2015 at the Urban Food Awards.

This cheese egg can be yours for a cool NZ$26.60.

Forest Crème Eggs has released a white chocolate Gin and Tonic egg and for those wondering yes, it is non-alcoholic, so the only limit is what you can handle.

Gin and Tonic Egg. Photo Credit: Prestat Facebook

The hollow egg is made from milk chocolate flavoured with lemon oil. It’s then filled with extravagant truffles made with ganache, flavoured with gin and lemon oil, all enrobed in a creamy white chocolate.

White chocolate also is not considered actual chocolate as it is made from crème, sugar and butter and holds no cocoa solids. 

Most options are reasonable pricing but for those looking to splash out on an indulgent piece of nonsense this year how about a 100kg Faberge-style chocolate egg valued at around 25,000 pounds or NZD$44,546.

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