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Farmers Autumn/Winter collection to arrive with two new brands

Farmers newest Autumn/Winter season collection comes in to stores starting March 19. But how will the use of luxe fabrics come into play?

Farmers newest Autumn/Winter season collection comes in to stores starting March 19. But how will the use of luxe fabrics come into play?

Farmers has introduced its newest Autumn/Winter season to positive responses with two new in house designs featuring in the collection; Mineral and State of Play.

At the Farmers release event last Wednesday night representatives walked around introducing guests to the new designs.

Farmers two new brands.

The new season range includes all classic brands featuring popular Whistle and Andrea Moore labels among others.

The two new brands are a little more luxury and introduce finer quality materials and fabrics and new seasonal looks. 

Abe Villanueva, Farmers’ marketing category manager – fashion says Farmers Group has also introduced two new men’s labels to the range, Johnny Big and Gasoline.

“We’ve placed emphasis on broadening our men’s collections in 2017 and will continue to review the needs of our male shoppers to ensure our ranges are on point.”

Jaheb Barnett, director of men’s fashion blog Jaheb Barnett, says that although men can be harder to target than women they are just as important to market to. 

“One of the biggest challenges in the men’s category from an industry perspective is that men don’t tend to spend nearly as much on fashion as women, hence current brand marketing campaigns are extensive in targeting women who are warmer to spending their disposable incomes.

“Menswear has the biggest opportunity for growth,” says Barnett.

Farmers, owned by James Pascoe Group, is well known for its reasonably priced clothing and accessories. Previous popular brands are expected to remain at a value price offering quality basics and style for the season. 

Although it is expected existing brands will remain in their current price bracket, the new brands price tags will reflect the luxe fabrics that offer more range for customers – . While Farmers is keenly aware of the need to offer value for money, Farmers buyers have been working hard to improve the fabrication of their garments across all womenswear. 

Villanueva says, “Our core brands have maintained their pricing structure. However, with these two new brands, customers will appreciate the introduction of more luxurious fabrics such as suede, silk, leather and cashmere.

“We wanted to introduce collections that have more directional aesthetics in order to attract new customers to Farmers. Customers have responded really well to the improvements we’ve made over the seasons,” says Villanueva. 

As for Barnett’s comment over department stores focusing on women, Villanueva agrees but attributes this to women being the top shoppers across both men’s and women’s ranges.

“As a department store we find that women do most of the shopping for their families. It’s great to be able to attract them with a range of beautiful clothing that will keep them coming back.”

“Overall we are really excited for this new season,” says Villanueva. 

 Villanuea speaking for the Farmers Autumn/Winter collections release

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