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Digi-Bytes with Jo Brothers, HO Social Media and Digital at Westpac NZ

Did you know that over *60% of people access social media at least once a day in New Zealand?  Using social to start a conversation with your customers makes good business sense, but if you don’t know where to start it can all be a bit daunting. 

Jo Brothers heads up our Social Media team here at Westpac and has shares some of her know how with us.  With over 18 years’ experience in the digital field, she pioneered Air New Zealand’s social strategy, taking the channel from 0 fans to 1.5million. 

Choosing the right channel

Over * 80% of our online population visit Facebook at least once a month- that’s on average, 2.5M kiwis!  Setting up a Facebook page for your business is easy, and you can even set up a shop to sell products through Facebook.   The great thing about Facebook is that any activity from posts to paid advertising is measurable so you’ll always get a pulse on your audience, providing valuable insights

With over 500M active accounts, Instagram is part of the Facebook group.  Think visual inspiration – a way to tell your story using images and short videos.  Instagram for business have great tips and ideas, and if you want to advertise using this channel there are some creative possibilities to really engage your audience. 

If you want to share some great news, promotion or post a live update from an event, then you can “tweet” it.  A tweet is a message that has a maximum of 140 characters.  82% of the 313M monthly users use a mobile device to access Twitter.  The Twitter Small Business Blog is full of inspirational pieces to help you use this channel to its full potential and Twitter Ads could be another way for you to use paid promotion on social media. 

Are there any tips and tricks you would like to share?

I use Canva.com – where you can easily create eye catching designs using drag and drop features, pre-made professional layouts and perfectly sized social media graphics for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Video is growing in popularity and you could use Adobe Spark Video or Adobe Spark Post to produce short video content or animated images. 

How often is too often?

When it comes to posting content it’s a case of quality over quantity – a customer would respond more to a well written post or an eye catching video, rather than a flood of posts that had little to no information that was relevant to them.  Posting once a day on each channel and making sure that this is useful and engaging would drive positive results. 

What is a good starting point for SME’s who want to drive their business through social channels?

For starters, identifying clear goals around what you want to achieve on a digital platform is vital.  A good place to find inspiration for this is by reading a range of case studies, based on real businesses just like yours.  That way you can see examples of what was achieved through different channels, whether it is driving more people to your website, increasing sales or developing brand awareness. 

How can a business owner learn how to use social media effectively and drive it themselves?

80% of kiwis on Facebook discover products and brands on the platform, so it would really make sense to start there.  Facebook Blueprint Global Training Program is an E-learning tool and is designed to help businesses tailor a social media strategy to reach their own goals.  Another resource that is just a plethora of information are the Webinars for Facebook and Instagram.  They cover a wide range of topics from finding the ideal audience to creative storytelling – all with the goal of helping you drive sales and build your brand.

Thanks for your time Jo- it’s clear that social is a great way to market your business, and these seem like very practical, straightforward steps in the right direction. 

*2015 Sensis Survey

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