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How MediaWorks can help retailers get attention on TV

In recent years, the way audiences watch television has changed. MediaWorks has been on the front lines of the change, and knows how best to use it to retailers’ advantage.

Despite some negative perceptions, MediaWorks chief commercial officer Glen Kyne says TV advertising is far from a dying art.

“People talk about the demise of TV but it couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s more people engaged in TV now then there was 10 years ago. The only thing that’s changed is how people choose to view it.”

Linear television is still the best place for retailers to build brands and get product awareness, Kyne says. 

MediaWorks has a unique position in the New Zealand media industry. It can deliver and activate advertising across TV, radio and digital, reaching 95 percent of New Zealanders.

It reaches 2.8 million Kiwis each week through its television channels. A further 2.1 million people listen through the radio stations, and more than 4.1 million unique browsers access MediaWorks’ 11 websites each month.

While on-demand services and online streaming sites are changing how audiences receive their television, Kyne says the broadening of the marketplace brings lots of opportunities with it.

“Every medium has a different role to play and digital has broadened things. It creates new audiences and reaches people in new ways.”

For retailers to achieve their full potential with TV advertising, understanding their audience is key. The number of channels and digital options available can confuse the market for retailers. 

Kyne says MediaWorks has a responsibility to clarify the market and help retailers get their messages out there.

“We work closely with retailers to find out their objectives and needs. We diagnose the challenge really well and then be as targeted as we can to deliver the campaign.”

Pita Pit began its relationship with MediaWorks while the food chain was in its infancy. 

Pita Pit NZ marketing manager Fionna Pierce says conversations continued until the company had expanded to the point where mass media advertising was viable.

“Once we had established a few locations in Auckland, we embarked on what was the start of a very successful seven year – and counting – relationship with MediaWorks, starting with radio advertising.”

The campaign started with localised Auckland radio adverts and sponsorships. Pita Pit’s 100 stores are now supported by TV, digital, and TV integration advertising campaigns with MediaWorks.

“MediaWorks has such an incredibly diverse stable of platforms for us to utilise,” Pierce says. “We can tailor our campaign messaging to the platform of choice.

“It is easy to deal with the team at MediaWorks as a one-stop shop for us to communicate our messages to New Zealand.”

Pita Pit’s TV integration campaign with The Block NZ successfully utilised the new advertising space. Sales increased by more than 12 percent during the first season.

“The power of television was immediate and significant, and we were thrilled with the return on investment,” Pierce says.

Kyne says Pita Pit is a prime example of a company that saw the potential in television.

“The message, from a retailers’ point of view, is don’t ignore the medium because you think it is expensive, aim to engage with television as a cost-effective option.”

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