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Sustainable retailing: The future of flooring

Today, it is almost impossible not to be confronted on a daily basis by the effect that we as humans are having on the Earth.

With limited supply and endless demands, the tipping points are everywhere; endangered and extinct species of animals, plants, natural resources, changing sea levels, increasing temperatures and loss of land due to extreme environmental conditions.

It can all look very grim when you allow yourself to become aware of the true cost of modern day life and the conveniences that we all enjoy.

In the past two decades many inroads have been made at a corporate and social level to generate awareness and action towards the effects of global warming.

Major retailers are jumping on board with sustainable practices and products to reduce their corporate carbon foot print and provide products that allow consumers to do the same.

Look to the movement to remove the use of plastic bags in supermarkets, changing meat trays to recycled plastics, eco transport being considered for transportation of goods. Even the sale of 2nd grade fruit and vegetables all points toward a more sustainable version of the retail stores and consumer behaviours of past.

This movement towards eco-friendlier product offerings, packaging and processes, a question comes to mind about the retail environment itself. Why not reinforce this new sustainable approach to retailing by creating an environment from building/ finishing products & processes that support these sustainable aspirations?

Forbo is one of these global corporates doing its part by significantly reducing their carbon footprint. By putting a focus on “the health of one,” a concept that intertwines people and the environment, Forbo has made significant investments into new technology that allows for more sustainable practices and products.

Globally there is not a better natural flooring product story than Marmoleum.

Marmoleum in a retail environment 

97% of the ingredients in Marmoleum are natural, rapidly renewable ingredients. Coupled with 100% green energy fuelling production in Europe, all of this adds up to a finished product ready to transport to its final destination that is carbon neutral. Nothing rivals it.

Trusted for over 150 years this resilient flooring has proven itself time and time again. In New Zealand Marmoleum has been in place at the Auckland International Airport, quite possibly the harshest flooring environment possible for over 20 years, and it is still performing just as it was on day one.

There is no question that it can stand up to the retail environment no matter how harsh it may be; might this be one of the answers to the question of sustainable environments for retailing?

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