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Is your Eftpos Terminal up to date?

If you don’t keep up with the latest upgrades to your Eftpos terminal, you could be doing your business a disservice. Cyber criminals have been known to target older operating systems in the hopes of exploiting security loopholes, so by getting your Eftpos solution up to date, you can stay a step ahead of them. New systems can also introduce you to new features, like contactless payments.

Darren Parker, managing director of payments solutions distributor Skyzer Payments, shares the top five benefits for retailers in upgrading to the latest Eftpos technology.

1) Upgrading provides an opportunity to update your terminal’s hardware. Hardware providers, such as Skyzer Payments’ partner Ingenico, are constantly enhancing the products’ features, so with every new version released, security is improved. Newer terminals equal better protection, Parker says.

2) Software, too, follows this rule. Parker says, “Every iteration of software includes the latest enhancements as well as continued improvements in application security.”

3) Newer terminals are faster terminals, reducing the time your customer has to wait for their transaction to be processed. The company is the exclusive distributor of the Ingenico range of payment terminal hardware, which is the world’s largest provider of Eftpos terminals. Ingenico invests 8 percent of total revenue back into research and development, meaning Skyzer can offer market-leading hardware to match the software it develops locally

4) More communications choices are offered by up-to-date terminals. The new editions will typically offer WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G communications. With these different options come greater flexibility, says Parker. 

5) Contactless card acceptance is a trend which retailers should strongly consider adopting. The latest generation of Eftpos terminals come equipped with this technology, and Parker says contactless payments are now prevalent throughout the Australian retail market.

He acknowledges that there will be a an additional cost for Kiwi retailers, but emphasises the benefits of contactless, include speed of transaction, a more streamlined process and better customer service. Skyzer Payments have been providing Eftpos and payment solutions to corporate clients throughout New Zealand since 2007.

Parker says because Skyzer Payments develops its own software, it’s able to provide a high level of support. Its sales and marketing, and technical support are also local. All Skyzer Payments customers receive regular software updates as part of their package, so Parker says they won’t have to worry about running on outdated software at all.

Darren Parker, managing director of payments solutions distributor Skyzer Payments



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