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How to put the right information on your signage and stand out from the crowd

Palmers’ Janalle McMeekin says Palmers’ branding has always been really strong and vibrant, and the outside of its buildings are striking. 

“We do struggle a bit more internally though, with the green often merging into the background with all the garden green colour, so for our newer stores we introduced yellow signage which stands out a lot better.”

Palmers tries to keep the look consistent for the different types of messages though, with rules around their application and use. 

“We break it down into brand, informational (conversational or corporate) and promotional,” McMeekin says.

Retail Dimenson’s Kyle Pennell says that choosing the right partner is critical for any retailer to get the most out of their signage strategy.

“I think the best examples of signage occur when the brand agency, the retail designer and the signage implementer work together closely with the customer to arrive at a workable solution,” he says.

In Pennell’s experience, when one of these parties is excluded from the discussion or is brought in late to the discussion, mixed results typically occur.

These agencies are all expert in their field and when you bring the power of the combined experience together, you see great results, he says.

Hypermedia’s Ben Partington agrees: “The in-store piece is one of the most important touchpoints but is often the last thing that brands consider and leave budget for,” he says.

 “If you think about your daily life and how many messages you are exposed to – the chances of you remembering the TV ad, or even the bus stop Adshel, all the way to the supermarket – is laughable. If you don’t signpost that process in-store, then you won’t get the results.”

This story originally appeared in NZ Retail magazine issue 747 December 2016 / January 2017

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