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Trend revivals: The good, the bad and the unacceptable

The saying “what goes around comes around” may be intended to describe karma but it also works perfectly to describe the cycle of consumers and fashion. We took a look at some formerly-unfashionable items which seem to be making a comeback.rn

More and more often, manufacturers are bringing back old staple pieces to tease shoppers with enough nostalgia that they don’t realize what they’re about to buy has been out of style longer than they’ve been alive.

Trends and styles that were once considered modern and daring eventually become old and ugly, only to be reborn and re-worn decades later. And that cycle seems to be turning quicker than ever.

Consumers are scrambling for the latest choker or pair of Doc Martins and these fashion houses are more than happy to oblige to demands.

Houses such as Topshop, Glassons, and Ruby have become hotspots for the revival of fashions statements that should definitely not have been bought back.

Unsurprisingly, a number of risk-taking brands, like Versace, Canali, Massimiliano Giornetti, and MSGM sent models down runways with upgraded, fashion-forward butt bags recently.

The rationale is easy to understand – we’re all carrying more portable electronics around than ever before, and we need a better way to do it. The humble fanny pack is the optimal solution.

More often than not these days the comeback of old popular brands is to be expected. One such company basking in the old-new trend is footwear brand Birkenstock.

These cork-soled sandals noticed a surge of popularity in the 90’s, but as trends go, they became increasingly unfashionable. Thanks, yet again, to retro style taking the runways, the two-strap sandal trend is back and Birkenstock is at the top of the pack.

Chief executive officer of the shoe company’s American division, David Kahan says: “Six months ago, everyone would have said, ‘That’s the ugliest thing I could ever wear’. But now they’ve launched off.”

Sales of Birkenstocks in the US have risen 30 percent in the past year, and Kahan says they could double in 2017.

Fujifilm has contributed to the ‘analog revival’ by creating a new-look polaroid camera.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Fuji’s Instax cameras are selling in record numbers and far outpacing the company’s digital cameras.

The company estimates that it sold 5 million of the cameras in the fiscal year that just ended last month and that it will sell at least 6.5 million in the next year.

By comparison, the company only sold 1.4 million digital cameras in the previous year. What’s more, the standalone digital camera industry saw a 19 percent decline.

The impressive comeback of these oh-so-interesting trends has enthralled design houses everywhere to jump on the bandwagon. And there doesn’t seem to be a lull in shopper’s obsessions for all things retro.

Manufacturing for the 1990s is returning in new forms, but there are still a few things that rest in their Day-Glo colored grave. And with items such as Dirty Dog sunglasses, Light Up Gear shoes and Hypercolour shirts on the list, hopefully, in the grave, they should remain.

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Courtney Devereux is a Communication Consultant at Clear Hayes and freelance business writer.