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Paper Plus versus modern day Millennials

A new outdoor advert titled ‘Crap Stories’ by FCB advertising agency in correlation with Paper Plus was released on the 20th of January 2017 to the New Zealand public. The campaign focuses around the idea that humanity is too preoccupied with social media and Snap Stories to engage with good novels, and the suggestion is posed that perhaps it is time for us to put down our phones and read a proper book.

The campaign separates into the four different sectors: Selfies, Food, Travel and Workouts. The adverts feature a close up shot of your standard Penguin book in a range of colours. The first orange paperback is titled ‘Selfies – My Face From Good Angles.’ This is followed by a green “Food – What I Ate Today,” then a purple “Travel – My 79th Day in Europe,” and finishes with a blue “Workouts – My Muscles in the Mirror.”

The advertisement differs from previous Paper Plus campaigns – it’s dry and sarcastic. One of the previous Paper Plus campaigns released in May focused on Mother’s Day and the concept of people struggling to verbalise their feelings, and that we are often more open when putting pen to paper. This then related this back to an inscription on the inside of a book, and how it could turn a good gift into something a lot more powerful. “Crap Stories” is contrastingly different to previous adverts and aims to encourage the Millennial generation to take a step back from their phones. 

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