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More Pumpkin Patch stores to close

Receiver Neale Jackson said further closures had been signalled last year when the company failed to attract a potential buyer.

“We have successfully traded stores through the traditional holiday period and stock levels are now considerably reduced. The balance of stock will be consolidated in the remaining stores as the receivership enters its final phase,” Jackson said.

He said all staff are aware of the business closing down and the need for stores to gradually close as stock is sold. 

There will be a loss of up to 560 jobs.

“Staff have been advised of impending closure dates and have access to EAP support services,” Jackson said. 

“They will receive holiday pay, outstanding wages and other preferential entitlements (up to the statutory cap in New Zealand).”

Head office staff have also been given notice that their employment will be coming to an end.

“This has been a very difficult time for all Pumpkin Patch staff. We acknowledge and thank them for continuing to work diligently to see the closure process through,” Jackson said.

The remaining 56 Pumpkin Patch stores will close when the last of their stock is sold, through to mid-February. 

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