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Kmart rolls out New Zealand ecommerce website – with a catch

Kmart: The home of everything you didn’t know you wanted. At least, that’s what we dubbed it in a love letter penned to the retailer – just one of countless shows of affection for the brand online.

Petitions have been forged (almost 4000 people signed one asking it to open a New Zealand online store), Kmart Pinterest inspiration boards have been set up and memes have even been spawned – a sign that a company has won the love of the masses. 

With such a loyal online following, it seemed strange that Kmart wasn’t cashing in on it in the New Zealand market. 

But the people asked, and the retailer answered – it’s taken the first tentative steps to becoming a fully functioning ecommerce site.

Its most popular items are now available to browse online, Kmart announcing on its website: “Our website just got a whole lot better! You can now browse our most popular products and you will be able to purchase these online in the coming months.”

The range featured online includes some of its most popular categories: homewares, kids toys and clothing, sports and outdoors activities and women’s clothing. 

The retailer confirmed that online shopping was underway for New Zealand to The Register in June last year, so this has been in the works for a while.

Its focus over the past years seems to have prioritised bricks and mortar, with in-store “refreshes” being carried out across the country, as well as new store openings in smaller centres like Bethlehem. 

Customers have already been sharing their excitement on the Kmart New Zealand Facebook page, with one writing, “Oh Kmart…What can i say?! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! My self and pretty sure half of NZ is excited about online shopping, My little town doesn’t have Kmart and the nearest Kmart shop is hours away…. I know i probably sound like a little girl, but seriously Kmart is the best and we all know it haha..” [sic]

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