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Google dubs 2016 the year of the ‘super shopper’

The high rate of mobile adoption has led to the creation of ‘super shopper’ – which Google defines as “highly informed consumers who research all purchases thoroughly online before setting foot in a store, typically on their phones.” 

Google says 43 percent of Kiwis now use their smartphones to look up potential purchases, while 36 percent of Kiwis compare prices and features of products before going into a bricks-and-mortar store.  

Wellington homeware store Bello owner David Hendry says there’s been a big shift in customer behaviour this year.

“We set up our online presence this year and have been overwhelmed by the response.  Nearly everyone who comes in has visited the site and many of them know exactly what they’re after.”

He reckons his store is no longer a place for customers to figure out what they want, which makes it easier from a retailer’s perspective.  

“You’re not selling to them so much as facilitating their purchase.  Customers are more informed and in many cases have already made their mind up.”  

Because of this, having a visually attractive mobile site was key, he says.

“It’s important for us to attract younger clientele who are much savvier with technology and across a range of platforms.  So we’ve also started a social marketing programme with Instagram and Facebook.  Initially I was skeptical about how effective all this would be, but I’ve genuinely been overwhelmed by how many customers check us out online before they visit.”

Google defines three key super shopper traits as:

1. They keep their options open, as having a mobile phone makes it easy to explore new ideas and products.   

2. Mobile is their ‘muse’, as they use their smartphone as a go-to source for inspiration.

3. Mobile is a door to the store, as it allows them to look up directions or find out the contact details of a shop they’re keen to visit.

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