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2016 in retail: Quote of the year, and biggest whoopsie

Quote of the year:

Winner: “We see this as a good game of tennis, with two good sides, and the audience comes,” – H&M country manager for Australia and New Zealand, Hans Andersson, on the competition emerging between New Zealand and international retailers.

Runner up: “That’s an area that’s underrepresented in New Zealand – the opportunity for people to travel for a retail experience.” – Tourism Industry Association chief executive Chris Roberts on encouraging small-town retailers to cash in on New Zealand’s tourism boom.

The biggest whoopsie’ award

Winner: I Love Ugly’s men’s jewellery range launch

Advertising often goes down the controversial route in order to attract attention, but in the case of I Love Ugly’s jewellery range, it took the low-brow, sexist route in order to get there. A lookbook featuring a man’s ring-wearing hand placed over a naked woman’s breasts and crotch sparked outrage from many customers, who called it misogynistic at worst and lacking creativity at best. The menswear retailer initially defended its decision, but later backtracked and released a campaign with the roles reversed via a woman wearing the ring and placing her hands over a man’s chest.

Runner up: Yoghurt Story for selling yoghurt that was actually ice cream.

This story originally appeared in NZ Retail magazine issue 747 December 2016 / January 2017

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