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2016 in retail: Best in-store promotion, and most spectacular demise

The best in-store promotion award

Winner: New World’s ‘Little Garden’

After four years of running its ridiculously popular Little Shop campaign, grocery retailer New World decided to head in a different direction with its in-store promotion and launched Little Garden. It swapped collectable consumer goods that had raised some concerns with parents for eco-friendly, miniature potted plants which were completely biodegradable. Needless to say, the seedling kits have been a smash hit, engaging consumers and sparking a renewed interest in gardening.

Runner up: Kilt’s ‘NZ Made March’ campaign.

The most spectacular demise award

Winner: Dick Smith

For such a high-profile brand, the downfall of electronics retailer Dick Smith was quick. The company went into receivership on January 4 of this year and after seeking out a buyer, receivers begun winding the chain down, with doors on its New Zealand stores shutting in April. But perhaps the most explosive aspect of its departure was the drama that surrounded its closing. During the receivership process, it refused to honour customers’ gift vouchers or credit notes, which resulted in a barrage of criticism on social media. Massey University associate professor of retail management Jonathan Elms told The Register this was “the absolute nail in the coffin” for the brand’s reputation.

Runners up: Temt and Valleygirl for their rapid two-week shut down.

This story originally appeared in NZ Retail magazine issue 747 December 2016 / January 2017

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