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The days of sales staff furiously trying to change endless paper rolls of receipts while customers wait to be served appear to be numbered. Payments network provider Paymark has today launched an application called Paypr which provides receipt data digitally – finally removing the reliance

Looking for a way to make your store more appealing to eco-conscious shoppers? It’s not easy being green, but many retailers are turning to green or living walls to brighten stores and boost eco-credibility.

Executive chairman Paul Keane is set to retire from his position at property, architecture, design and research specialist agency RCG. The company has carried out services connected to many different retail projects, from the development of shopping centres like Rotorua Central and Westgate to design

Thirteen stores in Newmarket are currently sporting creative window displays designed, created and installed by retail students from AUT. Using props ranging from laser-cut cardboard letters to hand-tied silk flowers imported China, the students are competing to win a two-week internship at Selfridges department store