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Pennant & Triumph’s Justin Roderique on the year that was in retail design

Who stood out in retail store design in 2016?

I think overall the standard of retail store design has really increased over the last couple of years which is great to see as it encourages architects and designers to really lift their game. 

What were some common design mistakes made you spotted in stores in New Zealand?

A common mistake that we see in New Zealand retail is the store design not letting the product be the hero. The design should compliment the brand and product. Great retail design lets the product shine. 

What was the best store design innovation that emerged in 2016?

The use of natural materials has become increasingly common – We love the use of natural materials as they just get better with time.

What technology or feature of a store in retail do you think will have disappeared in five year’s time?

The traditional POS counter. We have designed a number of stores in 2016 which have moved away from the tradition POS counter, allowing for a number of benefits including more merchandising space and breaking down the barrier between a sales person and the customer. 

What issues or ideas should retailers be thinking about going into 2016?

Investing time and money into “bricks and mortar” retail – it will always be a critical part of the customer experience and selling your brand.

Are there any predictions you want to make about the future of retail store design?

Store design will need to adapt to less products and more in-store customisation.

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