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Six steps to a successful mailer campaign

It’s clear that letterbox marketing is alive and well, but there is a number of important steps that retailers can take to make theirrncampaigns even more effective.

It’s clear that letterbox marketing is alive and well, but there’s a number of important steps that retailers can take to make their campaigns even more effective.

Pumpt is an integrated services retail advertising company which specialises in letterbox marketing. They have looked after the print and distribution for many of New Zealand’s

largest retailers and franchises for 14 years. Pumpt Managing Director Dominic Sutton shared his top six tips for maximising the value of a letterbox mailer.

1) First, identify your target using demographic and location data. The best campaign for your target market may not necessarily be to your own taste, so be aware of the factors which inform your preferences.

2) Think about the message you want to convey. What are you trying to achieve? What do you want the customer to do – visit a store, call your 0800 number? Keep the call to action simple and clear.

3) Ensure the look and feel of your mailer or catalogue is aligned with your brand. If you’re a premium label, a greater investment in materials and design will

likely be needed to make sure your mailer appropriately reflects that. As Sutton puts it: “It’s the same as a design company driving around with a poorly-signwritten vehicle.”

4) For retailers, letterbox mailers should primarily be about product and price. This isn’t the place for concept-led branding campaigns unless the need to inform is the only desired outcome.

5) Consider your timing. A timely product is an appealing product, especially if it’s aligned with promotional days, the change of seasons or even the right day of the week. Your service provider will be able to advise which other campaigns will be run in parallel with yours.

6) Make sure your operational services are aligned with the campaign so that you can handle the response.

Sutton is optimistic about the future of the letterbox marketing channel, saying that in a constantly-changing media landscape, it has avoided disruption.

While ‘no circulars’ signs block mailers, consumers show no sign of changing the core use of this media. Pumpt is using targeting tools to ensure its messages are more relevant, with psychographics, demographics and geographic segmentation reducing wastage and increasing response rates.

“There is no disrupting the letterbox unless people decide to remove it from their driveway.”

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