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The new face of catalogues

New Zealand consumers are changing fast – and if retailers are to stay relevant, they need to change too. So at Reachmedia we’re making changes of our own to give you the greatest opportunity to keep generating and growing sales in this rapidly changing market.

You’ve probably heard of Reachmedia, but what you may not know is that we’re far more than just a catalogue and flyer distribution company – or even a data company. We’re one of the most effective sales promotion and generation companies in New Zealand.

We’re already empowering some of the country’s biggest retailers to get in front of the right consumers with the right offers at the right time. And we’re about to make our offering even more effective with exclusive new research, partnerships, products and services.

Our recently commissioned IPSOS research revealed catalogues to be one of the most effective advertising channels at prompting unplanned purchases, ranking in the top three for 20 out of 28 retail categories.

Seventy-nine percent of research respondents said they’d purchased a product after seeing it in a catalogue, and 74 percent reported that unaddressed mail helped them shop for pre-planned purchases. Whether people end up making those purchases online or in-store, the research shows it’s often a catalogue that’s the catalyst, even for younger consumers (the 18-29 year old age group is the second highest consumer of catalogues).

If those results surprise you, then take a fresh look at just how powerful a combination of letterbox marketing, data analysis and digital technology can be.

At Reachmedia, we’ve moved on from the days when retailers sent the same catalogue out to every household. Instead, we use a range of data sources, segmentation models and electronic transaction data to identify which offers and promotions should go into which market and at which times. And with our new investments in this, and other areas, we’ll soon be delivering even greater levels of sophistication when it comes to driving engagement, sales and store visits.

If, like many of our clients, you’ve explored how to harness big data, then you’ve probably also experienced the frustration of being offered enterprise-grade solutions that are too large and too expensive for the New Zealand market. Well, we’ve now identified and developed partnerships with a number of mid-level companies that are ideally placed to provide the right level of detail for New Zealand retailers, and at an appropriate price point.

Keep an eye out too for our soon-to-be-launched – and completely separate – marketing and insights brand. With far wider application than catalogue targeting, this new brand is all about gaining greater insights into the New Zealand consumer so that retailers can generate even greater levels of sales.

And if you find dealing with the huge number of providers in the supply chain to be a challenge, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve developed a new product that makes us a one-stop supply-chain shop, taking care of every stage for you. New Zealand consumers may be changing, but with the innovative developments on our horizon, Reachmedia will be here to help you change right along with them.

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