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Homewares retailers champion upcycling and support charity

LeeAnn Yare of Newmarket homewares store Collected and Tamzyn Adding of furniture company Miss Lolo are fundraising for the Mercy Hospice Auckland by each giving a piece of secondhand timber furniture a makeover. The items are to be auctioned on Trade Me, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the hospice.rn

We asked Adding about the project itself, and the role of creativity in retail.

Tell us about what the Feast Watson Re-Love Project means for you and your business.
Well initially when first approached about the project I thought (probably much like the general population) what a fantastic cause and of course I’d love to be involved. My husband’s oma was in the North Shore Hospice last year in her final weeks and they were absolutely amazing. While personally and as a business I love to get behind charities (where I can) the hospice shops are such a great fit with what Miss Lolo does, which is to re-love tired pieces of furniture and give them a new lease of life.

Many of your products at Miss Lolo are pretty strong statements. How has that been received?
Surprisingly well! We don’t aim to create pieces that blend in, we create pieces that scream “Look at me!”. We’re the antithesis of neutral so anyone who walks into the Miss Lolo shop are hit by colour, this piece is no exception.

Are you designing for any particular kind of customer? Could you describe him or her if so?
I’m designing for the interior savvy customer who is bored by beige, someone who isn’t afraid to make an impact in their home. 

Do you believe there’s a pressure on retailers to have their product conform to the tastes of a mainstream audience? How do you negotiate that homogenising force at Miss Lolo?
Of course, there needs to be a balance between designing pieces that appeal to the mass market (that’s how a business survives) verse designing pieces that fill your creative vibe and keep you loving what you do. The pieces we do decide to tone down we make sure that the style of the piece holds the wow factor, rather than using the colour or fabric to be the hero.

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