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Forget Trump, meet Buster: John Lewis delights with new Christmas ad

While the Internet has become full of people expressing their frustration over the US election, John Lewis is providing some relief with the launch of its Christmas ad ‘#BusterTheBoxer’, which has already gone viral.

In just 18 hours the adorable video received over 20 million views on Facebook and over 4 million views on YouTube, a testament to the UK retailer’s brilliant Christmas ads.

This year’s ad is about young Bridget who loves to jump, so her parents surprise her with a trampoline for Christmas. However, before she gets a turn, the family dog, Buster the Boxer (#BusterTheBoxer), surprises them all by jumping on it.

However, Buster isn’t the only creature to test the trampoline out, as the video begins with a pair of foxes, Otto and Olivia, who find delight in the bouncy object. They are then joined by Betsy the badger, Hallie the hedgehog and Sid the squirrel who jump while Buster looks on from inside the house desperate for a turn. When he is finally allowed out on Christmas morning, it is a race against him and the Bridget to get to the trampoline first.

The inclusion of animals is a reflection of John Lewis’ partnership with The Wildlife Trust, to protect and restore the UK’s wildlife and natural habitat.

To help raise money, John Lewis is selling soft toy versions of Buster as well as Otto, Olivia, Betsy, Hallie and Sid, with 10 percent of each purchase going to the charity.

Also available, but not with a donation, are Buster the Boxer themed pyjamas, slippers, coffee mugs, puppets and puzzles and of course trampolines, all in a themed section on the John Lewis website.

Giving the ad that extra loveability is the song, One Day I’ll Fly Awayperformed by Vaults (originally by Randy Crawford). It too will soon be available for purchase on iTunes and listened to on Spotify.

And finally, if the ad isn’t enough, you can explore Buster’s garden and play with him and his animal friends in a 360-degree experience through Oculus Rift technology. Try it out on Google Chrome here.

#BusterTheBoxer has been long awaited by Internet, so much so that many got excited over a fake John Lewis ad, which was in fact produced by a student as part of their A-Levels.

Shortly after John Lewis posted on its Facebook page to tease fans about the impending release. Like the ad, the post earned thousands of likes, comments and shares in a matter of hours.

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