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World opens its first store in Queenstown

After searching for over four years, fashion house brand World has finally a perfect spot to open a store in on Marine Parade in Queenstown. We talked with World director and designer Benny Castles about the sixth addition to its stable and how it’s been designed.



  • Why did World pick Queenstown as the place to open its latest store in?
    tWe have been looking for over four years in Queenstown for the right site, we have a strong online following from the Southern region especially around the Queenstown, Wanaka and Lakes Regions. We have also spent a good amount of time in Queenstown talking with local businesses and fellow retailers and this gave us the confidence to see an exciting future for World in Queenstown. We are a national brand and wanted to make sure we are a national retailer.
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  • How has the shop been trading so far? Are customers pleased World’s finally come to town?
    tBrilliantly, we have had an amazing amount of foot traffic with locals and tourists exploring the store and the collections, shopping for personal treats and beginning their Christmas gift shopping. It’s been exciting to feel the support of the locals and the surrounding businesses. We feel at home instantly! Thank you!
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  • What did you want to achieve with the look and feel of the store?
    tWe are focused on creating an inclusive luxury environment. A space that is eclectic and curious, that draws you in and offers you an experience unlike any other. The major part of the store is the staff, we have an incredible team of passionate and intelligent retailers lead by our store manager Cheryl, who has relocated from our flagship Britomart store to build the Queenstown store and with her experience and character we know that customers will enjoy the store for all it has to offer.
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  • Are any of the design aspects of the store different to the rest of your stores across the country? If so, why?
    tEach store is unique and special, both in the layout and design. But, the truly special thing about the World Queenstown site is that the view out the front door are the Remarkables – remarkably beautiful and difficult for any store, anywhere to beat. We could not have hoped for a more gorgeous setting and we are very fortune to be able to bring our brand of retail experience to the already exciting retail and dining scene in Queenstown.
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  • Are any parts to the shop’s fit-out risky or adventurous? If so, what?
    tOur Fit-outs are elegant and simple giving space for the collections to shine and be the focus. We currently have a window that includes and full sized vintage baby giraffe and zebra taxidermy pieces which I could guest might be the first time you could see that in Queenstown. We have such a broad range of products, from our New Zealand made fashion collections and accessories, to skincare, candle and fragrance collections sourced from across the globe amongst an extraordinary selection of objet d’art including Fornasetti Plates, European Antiques and of course Taxidermy!
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  • Do you have a favourite feature in the store? What is it and why?
    tThe staff our our favourite feature in any store. At World we want to dress your mind, and without our talented and thoughtful staff available to get to know you and help you explore the intricacies of our ranges including skincare and candles first made in the 1600’s or fragrance originally made for Audrey Hepburn and Napoleon III, or find for you the perfectly fitting summer outfit.  Like our collections, our staff are carefully curated to offer our customers an amazing experience. But our favourite design elements in the store are the changing rooms…you have to try something on to enjoy them!

Note: Photos used within this story are from World’s Britomart, Ponsonby and Wellington stores. We will update this story once imagery of the Queenstown store becomes available.  

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