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The 2016 pop culture Halloween costumes that should get in the sea

1. ‘Sexy’ Donald Trump costume. Although the presidential candidate is a bit of a joke, there’s no need to give his cause anymore air time with this costume. 

2. ‘Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit’, or in other words, Kim Kardashian being tied up and robbed at gunpoint. However you may feel about the reality TV star, this costume is pretty poor taste. Consumers took to Twitter and reviews on the site to express their disgust over the costume. 

3. ‘Sexy Harambe’ costume. This costume is based off the ape that was shot dead at Cincinnati Zoo after he grabbed a child who fell in his enclosure. We’re just not sure it’s the most heartfelt tribute to the slain animal.

4. Killer clown. With the amount of creepy, aggressive clowns roaming the streets worldwide at night, perhaps it’s best to give this costume choice a miss until the trend dies down. If caught, you could even wind up getting arrested for it.

5. The Zika virus. Turning a killer virus into a cute, funny costume is kind of questionable. This costume could’ve easily been a number of other insects.

6. Donald the ‘wall builder’. See #1. There’s no need to give the guy and his ideas any more airtime, especially his one.

7. Michael Jordan crying face. Though an incredibly popular meme, The Huffington Post didn’t really think this mask idea through. Black face, anyone?

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