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Carvin Streetwear owner Chanelle Purser is stepping back from the business

Purser’s business, Carvin Streetwear, is regarded as one of the best independently owned stores in the business.

It was the winner of Retail NZ’s 2015 Overall Regional Top Shop award for the Lower South Island. It also won the Single-Store OmniChannel and Small/Single-Store awards, while manager Jess Pulham won the Retail Professional award.

At the time, Purser already juggled owning a retail business and managing a dairy farm with 750 livestock, so adding another role to the mix may have proved a bit much much.

Purser says after 11 years in the retail business and with Carvin Streetwear in great shape, the opportunity that came to her was too good to pass up.

“My new role ticks all the boxes that excite me – looking after people, sales and the ever changing world of social media,” Purser says.

She says her customers have always been her number one priority in retail, and now her clients in her new role will be.

“I’m looking forward to learning new skills, working for a large corporation (a first for me) but also to be able to use my knowledge and creative ideas to help others in business. My mission statement of ‘helping people look good and feel great’ at Carvin Streetwear will transpire into ‘helping my clients grow their business and sharing and creating ideas together strategically, giving them a great experience’.”

Purser hasn’t made any immediate plans to sell the business, but she says it’s something she’ll be thinking about in the near future. 

As she steps away, Carvin Streetwear’s manager Jess Pulham will be stepping up to manage the entire store. Pulham has been with the store for five years and has just completed the level four National Certificate in Retail with Service IQ. 

“[Jess] now has the skills and know how to be able to step up into this role with my complete confidence. Carvin will still be the same great store, with the same great service, just without Chanelle,” Purser says. 

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