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Noel Leeming’s customer services comes under the spotlight

Noel Leeming ongoing focus on customer service shines through in a new TVC by FCB and production company Fish and Clips, which shows a young woman being taught how to benefit from her Fitbit.

The latest TVC is the third in the ‘maximise your machine’ campaign, which kicked off at the beginning of the year to highlight the different types of services available at Noel Leeming and shows real customers discovering how they can get the most of their technology.

The 30-second spot tells the story of a young woman who receives a Fitbit from her partner as a gift. While she doesn’t initially enjoy it, after talking to an expert at Noel Leeming she learns she can compare her daily results with those of her friends to compete with them and the Fitbit soon became something she wouldn’t leave the house without.

According to the release, the campaign set out to showcase the expertise of Noel Leeming’s staff and how they can help educate customers about their products in-store or assist with set-up at home.

Noel Leeming general manager of retail services Sean Stephens says in a release, that technology is becoming more exciting and full of opportunity as well as more complex and more connected, which is leading to more pain points for Noel Leeming customers.

“The speed of change is incredible, meaning most people only scratch the surface of what their technology is capable of. That’s why we are really excited about our services campaign, as we can enable people to use their technology to its full potential,” Stephens says.

The previous TVCs feature a golfer learning how to watch his favourite game on TV with Chromecast and a father who wanted to stay connected with his tech-savvy daughter when she went travelling.

Further supporting Noel Leeming’s efforts to support customers, the store has created a series of snackable videos designed to provide those suffering from technological difficulty with tips and ‘how-tos’. One of those videos shared on the store’s Facebook page, one shows customers how wearable fitness devices can help them achieve fitness goals while also offering a number of other perks.



CEO – Tim Edwards

General marketing manager – Maryanne Smith 

Marketing planning manager – Jodie Woods 

General manager of retail services – Sean Stephens 

Marketing coordinator – Max Downing-Webb 


Regional Exec creative director – James Mok

Executive creative director – Tony Clewett

Art director – Christiaan Van Noppen

Senior creative – Matthew Grainger

Senior retail art director – John Maxwell

Head of content I producer – Pip Mayne, Rebecca Casey

Creative services director – Jenni Doubleday

Account team:

Account director – Anita Metzler

Planning – Carl Sarney


Associate media director – Lee Griffiths 

Media director – Rachel Layland

Head of media strategy – Rufus Chuter

Media planner/buyer – Catherine Selfe 


Production company – Fish and Clips

Director – Petra Cibilich

DOP – Matt Gerrand

​Post production:

Grade and online – Dave Mclaren and James Corden

Facility – MANDY VFX

Audio Post:

Sound studio – Digicake

Engineer – Andrew McDowall

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