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Secret shopper: The Black Sticks’ Rosie Keddell

Rosie Keddell is a New Zealand field hockey player competing for the national women’s team, the Black Sticks. She played in the 2014 Commonwealth Games and is competing in this year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.rn

What was the last purchase you were excited about, and why?

I’d say it would have definitely been a coffee and breakfast at my favourite café, Catroux in Westmere. I go to that place way too much but it’s so outrageously good and I’ve never been disappointed so, hey, why change what’s working for ya?

Can you tell us about a retail experience you’ve had that was exciting or interesting?

I recently went to London and shopping in that place is definitely an exciting and interesting experience. There is so much variety and you can basically find everything you’re looking for. In those sorts of environments I get way too giddy and generally make average to poor purchase decisions! I also went to Harrods, which was pretty incredible (mostly to “look not touch,” as my mother would say). I bought a salad and a croissant from the food hall, that was about as far as my coin would stretch! An amazing croissant though, wow.

What was your worst retail experience?

I can’t think specifically, but generally, my worst experience would be when I’m followed around a store by pushy salespeople who call me babe or hun or darl or all three. I think I speak for 99 percent of people when I say just leave me to it and I’ll ask if I need a hand.

Tell us about a purchase that’s solved a problem for you.

Apart from food when I’m hungry, I’m a big fan of buying flowers to solve my problems. They are more effective than you think and are never not appropriate! I get stuck buying birthday gifts sometimes and flowers have honestly solved this problem.

Can you think of any item or service that would be useful to you but doesn’t exist yet?

I honestly feel like everything exists these days and probably what I think should exist already does somewhere in the world.

What’s an item that you’re planning on buying soon?

Portable speakers and another pair of Adidas Gazelles.

What’s your favourite store?

I have a few! Adidas in Newmarket – because it is hands down my favourite brand. Fabric in High St, although I limit how often I go in there because it’s where you find ‘investment pieces’, and finally Catroux. Even though it isn’t technically a store you can buy reusable coffee cups and bags of muesli so I think it qualifies!

This story originally appeared in NZRetail magazine issue 745 August / September 2016

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