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NorthWest Shopping Centre nears completion

The date has been set for the opening of NorthWest shopping centre stage two – a retail, office and dining development alongside NorthWest mall. It will open later this month on 29 September. We spoke with Stride Property CEO Peter Alexander ahead of its launch.rn

NorthWest stage two has been designed to create a wider range of entertainment, retail and dining experiences than what is currently on offer.

The development is worth $37 million and is made up of four separate buildings flanking a town square, with 7700 square metres of floor space.

It’s estimated the new development will create 300 new jobs in addition to the 700 already employed at the mall.

Up to 20 food and beverage operators and retailers will be moving in, including the likes of Citta Design, Goode Brothers, Wagamama and Nando’s.

Alexander says the retail offering opposite the mall will be a bit more boutique-like to provide a wide variety of shops to the local population.

“The local catchment here has been undersupplied with retail – well certain types of retail – there’s been a bit of big box activity, but not this finer grain, high quality retail,” Alexander says.

“Our research shows people are hanging out for it.”

Prime Minister John Key visiting NorthWest stage two on Friday.

NorthWest stage one and stage two are two very different beasts in terms of design, Alexander says.

Some similar motifs have been continued throughout, he says, while tenants have also been given mostly free rein with their overall look and frontage.

“They’re quite different buildings and quite different usages. We changed architects but a lot of the interior coordination was the same people.”

The opening of the square will kick off with various activities, including live music, DJs and an outdoor cinema.

Earlier this year, media reports dubbed NorthWest Shopping Centre a “ghost town”.

Centre manager Simone van Delft disputed this and said visitor numbers were on the rise, while RCG’s Paul Keane argued all shopping centres suffer from growing pains.

Alexander told The Register each week, visitation to the Westgate Town Centre picks up.

It’s a matter of getting people to change their habits and get used to coming there, he says.

“It takes time, we’re pretty pleased with the way it going. Every time something new opens, we notice an increase in traffic – whether it’s a shop or a restaurant. They [shoppers] used to have to go to Albany to get it, now they come here to get it.”

“What will be really rewarding for us is when these restaurants are open and there’s people sitting at the tables out here [next to the centre] socialising, making it a great place rather than just a commercial shopping centre.”

NorthWest Shopping Centre’s opening is on schedule for Thursday 29 September.

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