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Here’s a terrifying glimpse into the future: A 136kg robot mall cop

Security guards, the end is nigh: Robot overlords are coming to take your jobs. A five-foot tall robot has been given a new job as a mall cop at a shopping centre in California, prompting passers by to take photos of it for Instagram and use the hashtag #securityrobot.

Robots have already begun delivering pizza and replacing fast food workers, but this is the first time robots have been assigned to the enforcement and security industry.

The mall cop robot – a K5 model created by Knightscope – isn’t armed with a gun, but instead high-definition cameras that give it 360-degree vision.

It also has a thermal camera, license plate recognition system, microphones and person recognition capabilities. 

The way the robot works is described as: “It patrols within a geofenced area using its sensors to alert security professionals of potential threats. Each machine has 360-degree high definition video for both day and low light; thermal imaging; two-way audio with public address, intercom and broadcast; license plate recognition; and people detection — to name a few [of its attributes].”

The robot can be rented by businesses for around US$7 an hour. 

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