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From Yoobee to Oobe: New Zealand Apple reseller rebrands

Yoobee CEO Daven Naidu says for the past two years, the chain has shared its name with the Yoobee School of Design despite being completely unrelated.

“While this has been great, this shared identity of Yoobee across two different establishments in two different industries, it has caused confusion in the market place,” Naidu says.

He says the new name plays on the experience one has when unboxing a computer for the first time.

“Opening a new Apple product from its neatly presented box is an experience. With OOBE, we’ve captured that unique and highly pleasurable ‘Out Of Box Experience’.

“What’s more, we’ve always thought out of the box for providing creative solutions to our clientele.”

Four Yoobee stores located in Albany, Britomart and Sylvia Park in Auckland, as well as one store in Dunedin, closed in 2013 to help recover the chain’s falling sales.

That same year, Yoobee was also sold from parent company Reinassance Limited as it went into insolvency.

Four of its stores remain in Newmarket, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. The chain has also diversified and begun offering IT support, as well as the ability to help businesses install Apple and Microsoft technology within their companies.

Apart from the name change, Naidu says the chain will continue to run as usual.

“As has always been the case, Oobe will provide specialist retailing, servicing, as well as providing a very large percentage of warranty and non-warranty service for all Apple products and accessories.”

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